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50 Most Common and Important Daily Used Idioms

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Idioms are expressions or sayings that mean something different than the literal words used. Here, is a list of the 50 Most Common and Important Daily Used Idioms. Here, you can also download the Most Important English idioms Commonly Used In Daily Language. These most important idioms are always used in day to day routine. These are given in the following order.

>>>Common English Idioms

Most Important English idioms which are used Used In Daily Language

1.. A blessing in disguise
seems bad but is actually good

Accidently registering for the wrong class was actually a blessing in disguise.

2. Actions speak louder than words
actions are more important than words

You say you love me but actions speak louder than words.

3. Big task on your hand

having something important to finish

My teacher gave me a new assignment, so I have a big task on my hands.

4. Break a leg

wishing someone to do well/ good luck

You will do fine on your presentation. Go break a leg out there.

5. Can’t stand (something)

to dislike something

I can’t stand having to do homework on a Sunday.

6. Check out that

give that a look

Check out that very cool looking car.

7. Close but no cigar

close but failed at the end

You got a 79% on the test. Almost a B…close but no cigar.

8. Don’t sweat it

don’t worry about it

You accidentally scratched my car but I don’t sweat it.

9. Driving me bananas

making me feel crazy

My very loud neighbours are driving me bananas.

10. Get out of town

I don’t believe you

Did you get an A in your Finance class? Get out of town!

11. Get over it

forget about the past

He broke up with his girlfriend but he needs to get over it.

12. Gone off track

forgot about your future goal

My friend really got off track because he failed three classes this semester.

13. Hands down

for certain the right answer

America is hands down the best place to study abroad.

14. Hang on a second

wait for a moment

Hang on a second…I am waiting for my laundry to finish.

15. Hang out

spend time with a friend

Joe and I hang out after class every week.

16. Have stumbled upon

to accidentally discover something

I stumbled upon a new restaurant while walking around downtown.

17. Hold your horses

wait/calm down

Hold your horses. I am still eating my lunch.

18. I made a key decision

to make an important decision

I made a key decision to finish college.

19. Inside scoop

the details

Hey give me the inside scoop on how you met John.

20. In the bag

will definitely happen

My baseball team will win the game. It is in the bag.

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