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Most Important Idioms | for CSS, PMS and all Competitive Exams

English MCQs Honesty is the best policy
English MCQs by CSSMCQs

  1. in the nick of time means “not too late, but very close!”
    Example: I got to the drugstore just in the nick of time. It’s a good thing, because I really need this medicine!
  2. keep one’s chin up means “remain brave and keep on trying”
    Example: I know things have been difficult for you recently, but keep your chin up. It will get better soon.
  3. know something like the back of your hand means “know something very, very well”
    Example: If you get lost, just ask me for directions. I know this part of town like the back of my hand
  4. once in a while means “sometimes, not very often”
    Example: Have you been to the new movie theater? No, only see movies once in a while. I usually stay home and watch TV.
  5. sharp means “exactly at a that time”
    Example: I’ll meet you at 9 o’clock sharp. If you’re late, we’ll be in trouble!
  6. sleep on it means “think about something before making a decision”
    Example: That sounds like a good deal, but I’d like to sleep on it before I give you my final decision.
  7. take it easy means “relax”
    Example: I don’t have any special plans for the summer. I think I’ll just take it easy.
  8. to get the ball rolling means “start something, especially something big”
    Example: We need to get this project started as soon as possible. I’m hoping you will help me get the ball rolling.
  9. up to the minute means “the most recent information”
    Example: I wish I knew more about what is happening in the capital city. We need more up to the minute news.
  10. twenty.four/seven means “every minute of every day, all the time”
    Example: You can access our web site 24/7. It’s very convenient!
  11. all of a sudden means “unexpectedly”, used to describe something that happens very quickly
    Example: He had just gone to bed when all of a sudden the phone rang.
  12. be all ears means “eager and ready to listen”
    Example: Go ahead and speak. I’m all ears!
  13. be fed up with means “to hate something now, even though I may have liked it before”
    Example: I’m fed up with my job! I think I should start looking for a new one.
  14. to bug means “to bother someone”. (American English)
    Example: Hey, stop tapping your fingers. It’s really bugging me!
  15. a cinch means something that is very easy to do
    Example: I didn’t think I could run five kilometers, but with the right preparation, it was a cinch.
  16. cost an arm and a leg means “very expensive”
    Example: I’d really like a new car, but they all cost an arm and a leg.
  17. to cram means “to study hard a few days before a test”
    Example: If you had studied hard for the past four months, you wouldn’t have to cram so much this weekend.
  18. fresh out of something means “to have no more of something”
    Example: I have to go buy some more milk. It seems we’re fresh out now.
  19. to get it (often negative) means “to understand”
    Example: What did the teacher say? I didn’t get it. Did you?
  20. got a minute? means “Do you have time right now?”
    Example: Hey, Joe, got a minute? I have something to show you.
  21. give someone a hand means “help someone”
    Example: Could you give me a hand moving this table? It’s quite heavy.
  22. grab a bite to eat means “quickly go get something to eat”
    Example: I’m going to go grab a bite. I’ll be back in a few minutes.
  23. drive someone up a wall (or “drive someone crazy”) means “to make someone very angry”
    Example: My neighbor practices the piano every night, but he’s terrible. It’s driving me up the wall!
  24. to hang on means “to wait”
    Example: Hang on a few minutes. I have to make a phone call and then I’ll be able to join you for lunch.
  25. hard headed means “stubborn” or “unwilling to change an opinion or idea
    Example: I can’t work with Joe any more. He’s so hard headed!
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