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  • Which personality is also known as Father of Journalism?

A. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
B. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
C. Amjad Islam Amjad
D. Warasit Ali

♦ Credit To: Shahzaib Sadaquat ♦

  • Famous TV drama “Waris” was written by?

A. Atta-ul-haq Qasmi
B. Dr. Anwar
C. Amjad Islam Amjad
D. Warasit Ali

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  • Famous Urdu poet Syed Mustafa Hasnain Zaidi was by profession a:

A. University professor
B. Businessman
C. Lawyer
D. Civil servant

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  • Which actor played the role of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the feature film ‘Jinnah’ released in 1998 directed by Jamil Dehlavi?

A. Muslim Wadia
B. Ben Kingsley
C. Christopher Lee (an English actor, singer, author and military officer)
D. Peter O Togie

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  • Reshma was a legendary folk singer of Pakistan, she died of throat cancer in Lahore in:

A. 3 Nov 2013
B. 3 Nov 2012
C. 3 Jan 2009
D. 3 Dec 2014

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Born: 1947
Died: 3 November 2013
Awards: Sitara-e-Imtiaz (3rd highest Civil award in Pakistan) by President Musharraf in 2005.

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  • Which film based on the book “Q & Q” written by Vikas Swarup, won the Oscar Award:

A. 3 Idiots
B. Slumdog Millionaire
C. Devdas
D. Herbert

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  • The world famous paintings on ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City were painted by:

A. Sandro Bottiecelli
B. Leonardo da Vinci
C. Micnerangelc (an Italian sculptor, painter, architect)
D. Pretro Perugind

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Born: 6 March, 1475
Died: 18 February, 1564
Created: 1508-1512
Media: Gold, Plaster

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  • Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy of Pakistan won Oscar Award in 2012, for documentary film titled:

A. Desperate Women
B. Acid Burns
C. Dark Shadows
D. Saving Face (About ‘Acid Attacks’ on women in Pakistan)

♦ Credit To: Seerat Sultan ♦

In 2016, she again won for documentary film “A Girl in the River: The Princess of Forgiveness” about ‘Honor Killings in Pakistan’

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  • The famous painting “Mona Lisa” was pained by

A. Pablo Picasso
B. Leonardo da Vinci (an Italian artist)
C. Rembrandt
D. Claude Monet

♦ Credit To: Tayyab Razzaq ♦

The painting is displayed at Louvre Museum, Paris, France

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  • Pablo Picaso a famous painter, sculptor, printmaker and stage designer belonged to:

A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Spain
D. Greece

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