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ASI Anti Corruption Original Paper Mcqs PPSC Today 27-09-2020

Here, you will find Assistant Sub inspector (ASI) of Anti Corruption Original Paper Mcqs conducted by Punjab public service commission (PPSC) Today 27-09-2020

Some MCQs of Anti Corruption PPSC

1. Synonym of Conspicuous
2. Synonym of Haggard
3. Synonym of Odour
4. Total members of cabinet mission
5. Pakistan Largest Glacier?
6. Last Governor-General of Pakistan?
7. Jamshed Marker is?
8. Capital City of Italy?
9. Boneous Aires is the city of?
10. Substance which absorb moisture from the Atmosphere?
11. Which medicine is given in diabetes?
12. Hoover dam is located in?
13. Federal Security Force formed by?
14. Gandhi start movement in 1920 name the movement?
15. Jawahar Lal Nehru relation with Moti Lal Nehru?
16. Turkey, Israel and Jordan share which sea?
17. Deepest lake of the world?
18. Microsoft Corporation founded by?
19. Abu Musa Island dispute between?
20. Largest library of the World?
21. 2nd women, who accepted Islam?
22. Hajr e Aswad is of which coloured?
23. Ring of Hazrat Muhammad made by?
24. Uroos al Quran is which surah?
25. If A 2 years older than B And B is twice of C. Sum of the ages is 27. Then what will be the age of B?
26. If the total distance is 39km and one person covers 13 km distance than what percentage of distance covered?
27. UN declared 18 July as
28. World Food day.
29. When annulment of Bengal take place?
30. When national anthem of Pakistan played on Radio Pakistan?
31. 423 divisible on?
32. Alu is component of Processor composed of?
33. Special paste shortcut key?
34. You can edit in excel sheet called?
35. Which type hadith from Quran and Allah?
36. Shortcut key for font display box?
37. دو جملوں کو آپس میں جوڑنے کو کیا کا جاتا ہے؟
38. میرتالعروس کس کا مجموعہ کلام ہے؟
39. Synonym of Cataclysm?
40. Germany invaded twice in which Country?
41. Bermuda Triangle is in which Ocean?
42. Commonwealth sectary General?
43. Handout master formed which?
44. Current Education minister of Punjab?
45. Chichen is in which country?
46. Operation Code against Osama Bin Ladin in Abbottabad?
47. Nearest Planet to the Sun?
48. When the stock market is rising it is called?
49. 6, 3, 12, 6, 24,……. Complete the series?
50. I said to the peon, if he did not work well, i will dismiss him.?
51. Which Egyptian president died in 2020?
52. Sindhyology department is in the university of?
53. Who discovered Vaccination?

NOTE: These MCQs are shared by users where mistakes can be found and corrections are welcome.

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  1. Moazam Hussain

    Solved complete paper ppsc anti corruption asi 27/9/2020 give on my emaill

    1. Farhan khan

      Wait, our team members are busy in their exams.
      And stay in touch.

  2. Fida

    Brother farhan khan how i can prepare for political science lecturer plz help bhrother i m worried

    1. Farhan khan

      For that, you have to observe the syllabus of the topics of Political Science first and then work hard as per the past paper of the subject accordingly.

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