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Assistant Director intelligence Bureau (IB) MCQs Batch-4 | FPSC Past Papers

Here, you will get Assistant Director intelligence Bureau (IB) Solved MCQs Batch-1-4 conducted by FPSC dated (28,29 July, 2022). These MCQs of Intelligence Bureau are shared by candidates who appeared in the one paper exam test of Federal public service commission (FPSC)

FPSC Assistant Director (AD) intelligence Bureau (IB) Batch-1 MCQs

1)Europe has no desert
2) Chemically soap is salt
3) Tunisia bans hijab for females in govt offices
4) Graphite is purest form of carbon
5) Graphite, diamond etc are allotropes
6) Water angle is 105
7) Chemically soap is salt
8 ) Gamma rays are not efected by electric field
9) Pencils are made of graphite
10) Trade of PC , answer is IBM
11) Summer olypmics 2024—paris france
12) Landinng on dark side of soon in 2020—-china
13) ipcc is intergovernmental panel
14) Hazrat talha got 70 wounds
15) Omicron is greek word
16) pakvac vaccine name hai pak ki
17) PC is 4th Generation
18) Excel answer tha sheets ka
19) animations tha aek ka
20) www by tim berners lee
21) Browser interface hta hai between user and internet
22) Hardware interface hta hai between user and PC
23) Indonesia new capital is nasuntara
24) mohammad rizwan tha wisdom player of 2021
25) brass get discloured because of hydrogen sulphite
26) Green flame is because of barium
27) Joe biden selected which pakistani american as fedral regulator???lina khan
28) ICC odi women cricketer of the year is Lizella lee
29) Madarsatul islam established by Bahadur Hassanally Effendi
30) Hazrat Essa born in Bethelem
31) Telecommunication minister is syed amin ul haque
32) Hepatitis is disease of liver
33) myopia distant objects ni dekh sktay
34) for Blood clotting —answer K
35) Youngest PM at the age of 34 years is sana marin
36) Aerospace engineer Pakistan arooba


1. Which Top Football Team Has Not Qualified For The Worldcup A)Brazil B) Italy C) Sweden
2. Hazrat Ali Martyred In 40AH.
3. In Which Country It Is Mandatory For The Young Men 18-27 Years Old To Serve In Army For At Least 1 Year A) Usa B) China C) Russia
4. Which Political Party Of Pakistan Will Use Hologram Technology In Electoral Campaigns A) Pti B) Ppp C) Pmln
5. Who Is Called The Most Influential Female Leader In UK A) Maleeha Lodhi B) Malala C) Nadia Khan
6. Which Country Is Called The Playground Of Europe A) France B) Switzerland
7. 50rs Coin Is A Tribute To Which Humanitarian A) Nelson Mendela B) Edhi
8. World Bank Index Pakistan Ranking A) 146 B)147 C) 148
9. Teenage Activist Peace Award Given To
10. Length Of The Great Wall Of China
11. Australia Was Discovered By
12. SBP Interest Rate For 2017-2018
13. No. Of Kp Police Officer Who Got Martyrdom 2006-2017
14. Pakistan Has Imported Which Helicopters From Turkey
15. 91% Share Of The Profit From Gawadar Port In Cpec Will Be Given To A)China B) Pak C) Gawadar Authority
16. Objective Resolution Was Passed On
17. World Diabetes Day Celebrated On
18. Pak Got Its First Constitution After How Many Years
19. Who Was Muhammad Ali Bogra
20. What Is The Age Limit Of President Mentioned In 1956 Constitution
21. Official Language In 1956 Constitution
22. Nanga Parbat Is Located In
23. First Chief In Commander Of Pak Navy
24. )First Chief Of Army Staff Of Pak
25. No. Of Districts In KP
26. Which Mountains Separate Pak From China
27. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Had 4 Daughters
28. Which Country Is Called The Land Of Prophets
29. Zabur Was Revealed On
30. Eid Namaz Is Wajib.. Farz Or Sunnat
31. Who Is Called The Sword Of Allah..
32. Density Of Water
33. Litres Of Blood In Human Body
34. Which Gas Is Used To Cool Water In Refrigerators
35. Comets Have Which Shape Of Orbits
36. Which Planet Revolves At Highest Speed Around Sun
37. Sun Is A .. Star Or Planet
38. Which Planet Is The Closest To Earth
39. CNG Stands For..
40. Prophet Muhammad SAW Has Been Called The Messenger Of Allah In Which Surah
41. Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Celebrated Which Anniversary
42. Xrays Discovered By

Assistant Director intelligence Bureau (IB) Batch-4 MCQs

1)hazrat Khalid RA belongs to which tribe.
2) When did Hazrat Umar accepted Islam.
3)The most /the second most polluted country in air quality index
4) chemical energy of cell changes into which energy
5) Quantity of nitrogen greater in which compound ?
6) pulling hands down while catching a ball is which law?
7)Chines hover satellite on marz?
8)PM after Assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan?
9)10 December is international day of?
10) Arya samaj founded by?
11) Who won a film award for making a short documentary film?
12) Who is known as Sheikh ul hind.
13)The death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan took place on?
14) Turkey signed an agreement with which country to operate Kabul airport?
15)Abdul qudoos bizenjo which Chief Minister of Balochistan (number)?
16) a judge and his family was killed in an anti terrorist court in which city?
17) First omicron cased found in which city of Pakistan?
18)When was Sindh annxed by British?
19) the last place that fell into the hands of British Hunza , Chitral None of these
20) The name given to the year 2022 by the UN is?
21) What device is used to measure the temperature of up to 1700C ?
22) Water percentage in tomato?
23) Hockey world cup 2021 won by?
24) bronze is an alloy is?
25) leader is TTP is?
26)two Hydrogen togather form which bond?
27) Country that held OiC summit related to Afghanistan?
28) Envoy of OiC for Afghanistan?
29) Ali Haider won which type of medal in the latest paralympic?
30) energy consumed in one second is called?
31) Nobel gas used in cancer treatment?
32) Nobel gas that emit red light?
33) Size of COVID-19?
34) Global health index is released by WB,IMF None of these
35) which country’s national was burnt alive in Sialkot?
36)unit of temperature?
37) Which country’s president faced trial and deposed?
38) Gold glitter because?
39) Elon Musk has been given a title by the Time megazines.what is the title?
40) which is not a soap?
41) definition of empirical formula?
42) Difference between Farther and Further?
43) this is the book I read yesterday that or which
44_45_46 three average questions
47 48 49 50 Percentage questions
51) two numbers are add and result is 15 if 7 is subtracted find the number?
52 53 54 55 56 57 Algebra questions
58 59 60 Ratio questions

Suggested Books for AD (IB) screening test prep.

Following books / Parts of Books are highly recommended for the test:
a) Screening Test:
i- English:
English composition for CSS candidates written by Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai and Published by Caravan Publishers
ii- Math:
Mathematics Portion only for any good GAT-General Local Book
iii- Paistan Affairs:
Pakistan Affair Objective for CSS by Jahangir Sons + CSS old objective Paers
iv- Islamiat:
Islamiat Objective for CSS by Bhatti Sons Publishers + CSS old objective Papers
v- Everyday Science:
Everyday Science objective by Mian Shafiq published by Jahangir Publishers + old CSS objective Papers
vi- Current Affair:
CSS Old objective Papers + Jahangir World Times Current Affair Objective

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