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Basic Arithmetic Solved MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC & SPSC

Here, you will find some Basic Arithmetic Solved MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC & SPSC. These Basic Arithmetic Solved MCQs for FPSC and Other Competitive Exams of Pakistan are very important. Try to solve them by your own, If you want to excel in this area. Basic Maths Mcqs With Answers include the Basic arithmetic question answers. Moreover, These Basic Mathematics (Arithmetic) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are from Algebra, Decimals, Average, Mode, Medium, Percentage, Ratios and Proportion, Trigonometry, Geometry, Whole Numbers, Negative Numbers, Exponents, Square Roots & Word Problems etc

Mathematic Find the missing number in the box?
Mathematics MCQs by CSS MCQs

FPSC Basic Mathematics (Arithmetic) Solved MCQs

1. An inlet pipe can fill a tank in 10 hrs and an outlet pipe empties the same full tank in 20
hrs. The time required to fill the tank when both pipes are opened.

A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 25
Correct Answer is B.

2. The price of a book increases by 10% in June but in July it decreases by 10%. What is its
price at the end of July if its original price was 200?

A. 198
B. 200
C. 190
D. 210
Correct Answer is A.

3. The price of a cap is increases by 25%. By how much percent should its price be decreased
now to get the original price?

A. 25%
B. 22%
C. 20%
D. 18%
Correct Answer is C.

4. Saima gets 50% that of her brother. Her brother gets what percent of Saima?

A. 100%
B. 150%
C. 50%
D. 200%
Correct Answer is A.

5. The population of a town increases at a rate of 15% per year. At present population is
4000. What will it be after 2 years?

A. 5290
B. 5200
C. 5431
D. 500
Correct Answer is A.

6. A lady spends 10% of her budget on utility bills and 75% of remaining on food provisions. If
she is left with 558 what is her total budger?

A. 2480
B. 1650
C. 5500
D. 1650
Correct Answer is A.

7. The population of a state annually increases at the rate of 15%. If its present population is
79350 what was its population two years ago?

A. 50000
B. 55000
C. 58000
D. 60000
Correct Answer is D.

8. Imran got 20% increase in his salary at the end of 1st year. At the end of 2nd year he got
an increase of 10%. If his present income is 19800 what was his income two years ago?

A. 16000
B. 17000
C. 15000
D. 18000
Correct Answer is C.

9. A train 100 meters long completely crosses a bridge 300 meters long in 45 seconds. What
is the speed of the train:

A. 32 km/h
B. 36 km/h
C. 40 km/h
D. 48 km/h
Correct Answer is A.

10. In decreasing price of a motor bike by 10% number of bikes sold is increased by 10%. What
is the change in overall sales?

A. Increases
B. decreases
C. remains same
D. may increase or may decrease
Correct Answer is B.

11. If part of tank filled in one hour = 1/10 then time required to fill the tank.

A. 8
B. 12
C. 10
D. 15
Correct Answer is C.

12. The radius of circle is increased by 20% its area is increased by:

A. 44%
B. 40%
C. 20%
D. no change
Correct Answer is A.

13. A 30-ounce solution is 25% alcohol. If 60-ounces of water are added to it what percent of
the new solution is alcohol?

A. 8%
B. 8.33%
C. 8.35%
D. 8.50%
Correct Answer is B.

14. 80% of the workers working in a company wear jeans. Of these 20% wear jeans that are
black what percent of the workers wear jeans that are not black?

A. 30%
B. 60.00%
C. 60.55%
D. 64%
Correct Answer is D.

15. Two trains travel in the same direction at 50 and 32 km/h. A man in slower train observes
that the faster train passes him in 15 seconds. The length of faster train is:

A. 75m
B. 100m
C. 150m
D. 341.66m
Correct Answer is A.

16. A train 110 meters long passes a telegraph pole in 3 seconds. How long will it take to cross
a platform 165 meters long?

A. 4 seconds
B. 4.5 seconds
C. 7
D. 10 seconds
Correct Answer is C.

17. Two trains for Lahore leave Rawalpindi at 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM and travel at 60 km/h and 70 km/h. How many kilometers from Rawalpindi will the two trains be together:

A. 100
B. 190
C. 210
D. 150
Correct Answer is C.

18. A train traveling at 36 km/h took 10 seconds to pass a stationary man. What was the length
of the train?

A. 45m
B. 80m
C. 100m
D. 110m
Correct Answer is C.

19. A train 100 meters long traveling at 48 km/h completely crosses a bridge in 30 seconds.
How long is the bridge:

A. 100m
B. 150m
C. 200m
D. 300m
Correct Answer is D.

20. A train 100 meters long completely passes a man walking in the same direction at 6 km/h in 5 seconds and a car in the same direction in 6 seconds. The speed of car is:

A. 18 km/h
B. 20 km/h
C. 24 km/h
D. 1/9 km/h
Correct Answer is A.

21. If As 1 days work = 1/20 then time required to finish the job (in days)

A. 20
B. 10
C. 25
D. 30
Correct Answer is A.

22. Alia can complete an assignment in 5 days and Babar can complete the same assignment is 20 days. The time taken by both Alia and Babar to complete the assignment working together is

A. 3 days
B. 5 days
C. 4 days
D. 2 days
Correct Answer is C.

You have checked Ratio Syllabus for FPSC – Ratio MCQs with Solution FPSC Maths One Paper?

23. Asghar can do a job in 60 days. And both Asghar and Babar can do the same job in 20 days
working together. Babar alone can do the same job in

A. 30 days
B. 60 days
C. 28 days
D. 45 days
Correct Answer is A.

24. X can do a job in 16 days Y can do the same job in 20 days X Y and Z can do the job in 7.5
days. Alone Z can do the same job in

A. 100 days
B. 120 days
C. 80 days
D. 48 days
Correct Answer is D.

25. Stations P and Q are situated 200 km apart. Two trains start from stations P and Q
simultaneously. The train starting from station P goes towards station Q at 100 km per hour.
The train starting from station Q goes towards station P at 150 km per hour. At what distance
from station P will the two trains cross each other?

A. 20 km
B. 40 km
C. 30 km
D. 80 km
Correct Answer is D.

26. The sum of two numbers is 40 and their difference is 4.The ratio of the numbers is

A. 21:19
B. 22:9
C. 11:9
D. 11:18
Correct Answer is C.

27. A businessman allows a discount of 5% for cash payment. How much percent above the
cost price should be marked to make a gain of 14%?

A. 20%
B. 15%
C. 18%
D. 25%
Correct Answer is A.

28. A sum of money at simple interest doubles in 10 years. In how many years will it amount to
4 times itself?

A. 25 years
B. 35 years
C. 30 years
D. 75 years
Correct Answer is C.

29. A military camp has provision for 50 days. If after 10 days 500 more soldiers joined the
camp and the provisions lasted for 35 days only. How many men were there in the camp?

A. 1700
B. 3600
C. 4000
D. 3500
Correct Answer is D.

30. If 9 men or 15 women can do a piece of work in 25 days, then 39 men and 10 women will
complete the same work in?

A. 4 days
B. 6 days
C. 5 days
D. 7 days
Correct Answer is C.

31. A reduction of 20% in the price of rice enables a person to buy 3.5 kg more rice for
Rs.385.The original price of rice per kg is?

A. Rs.25
B. Rs.22.5
C. Rs.27.5
D. Rs.20
Correct Answer is C.

32. As ‘Wheel’ is related to ‘Vehicle’ similarly ‘Clock’ is related to what?

A. Needle
B. Nail
C. Stick
D. Pin
Correct Answer is A.

33. As ‘Plateau’ is related a ‘Mountain’, similarly ‘Bush’ is related to what?

A. Plants
B. Field
C. Forest
D. Trees
Correct Answer is C.

34. If the position of Shaher Yar Akbar is 15th from one end and 13th from the other end in his
class, what is the total number of students in his class?

A. 28
B. 24
C. 27
D. 29
Correct Answer is C.

35. Aslam Khan starting from a fixed point goes 15 km towards North and then after turning to
his right he goes 15 km. Then he goes 10, 15 and 15 metres after turning to his left each time.
How far is he from his starting point?

A. 5 metres
B. 10 metres
C. 20 metres
D. 15 metres
Correct Answer is B.

36. Effat goes 12 km towards North from a fixed point and then she goes 8 km towards South
from there. In the end she goes 3 km towards east. How far and in what direction is she from
her starting point?

A. 7 km East
B. 5 km West
C. 7 km West
D. 5 km North-East
Correct Answer is D.

37. A certain distance is covered at a certain speed. If half of this distance is covered in double
the time, the ratio of the two speed is

A. 4:1
B. 1:4
C. 2:1
D. 1:2
Correct Answer is A.

38. Sum of the ages of A and B at present is 7 times the difference in their age. After five
years, the sum of their ages will be 9 times the difference in their ages. The present age of the
elder of the two is therefore …………

A. 10 years
B. 20 years
C. 35 years
D. none of these
Correct Answer is B.

39. At present, father’s age is 4 times his son’s age. If 5 years back, the father’s age was 35 years,
what is son’s present age, in years?

A. 10
B. 12
C. 15
D. 20
Correct Answer is A.

40. Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day
should 40 men work to complete the job?

A. 8 hrs
B. 71/2 hrs
C. 3. 7 hrs
D. 9 hrs
Correct Answer is B.

41. A and B can do a piece of work in 45 days and 40 days respectively. They began to do the work together but A leaves after some days and then B completed the remaining work n 23
days. The number of days after which A left the work was

A. 9
B. 11
C. 12
D. 15
Correct Answer is A.

42. On sports day, if 30 children were made to stand in a column, 16 columns could be formed.
If 24 children were made to stand in a column, how many columns could be formed?

A. 20
B. 30
C. 40
D. 50
Correct Answer is A.

43. The probability that a man will be alive for 25 years is 3/5 and the probability that his wife
will be alive for 25 years is 2/3. Find the probability that only the man will be alive for 25 years.

A. 2/5
B. 1/5
C. 3/5
D. 4/5
Correct Answer is B.

44. Some green are blue. No blue are white.

A. Some green are white
B. No white are green
C. No green are white
D. None of the above
Correct Answer is A.

45. Right to freedom from illegal detention is secured through

A. Mandamus
B. Prohibition
C. Quo-Warranto
D. Habeas Corpus
Correct Answer is D.

46. Euthanasia means

A. Surgery by consent
B. Transfer by consent
C. Divorce by consent
D. Death by consent
Correct Answer is D.

47. Average age of students of an adult school is 40 years. 120 new students whose average
age is 32 years joined the school. As a result the average age is decreased by 4 years. Find the
number of students of the school after joining of the new students:

A. 1200
B. 120
C. 360
D. 240
Correct Answer is D.

48. The cost of 16 packets of salt, each weighing 900 grams is Rs.28.What will be the cost of
27 packets, if each packet weighs 1Kg?

A. Rs.52.50
B. Rs.56
C. Rs.58.50
D. Rs.64.75
Correct Answer is A.

49. A piece of cloth cost Rs 35. If the length of the piece would have been 4m longer and each
meter cost Rs. 1 less , the cost would have remained unchanged. How long is the piece?

A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13
Correct Answer is A.

50. In a journey of 15 miles two third distance was travelled with 40 mph and remaining with
60 mph. How much time the journey takes

A. 40 min
B. 30 min
C. 120 min
D. 20 min
Correct Answer is D.

51. Find the average of first 40 natural numbers.

A. 40
B. 35
C. 30.6
D. 20.5
Correct Answer is D.

52. A person who suffers from Claustrophobia has fear of what?

A. Confined places
B. Lightning
C. Heights
D. None of these
Correct Answer is A.

53. Two taps A and B can fill a tank in 12 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. If both the taps
are opened simultaneously and the tap A is closed after 3 minutes, then how much more time
will it take to fill the tank by tap B?

A. 7 min & 15 sec
B. 7 min & 45 sec
C. 8 min & 5 sec
D. 8 min & 15 sec
Correct Answer is D.

54. The milk and water in two vessels A and B are in the ratio 4:3 and 2:3 respectively. In what
ratio, the liquids be mixed in both the vessels so that the new liquid contains half milk and
half water?

A. 7:5
B. 1:2
C. 2:1
D. 6:5
Correct Answer is A.

55. A car covers a distance of 715 km at a constant speed. If the speed of the car would have
been 10 km/hr more, then it would have taken 2 hours less to cover the same distance. What
is the original speed of the car?

A. 45 km/hr
B. 50 km/hr
C. 55 km/hr
D. 65 km/hr
Correct Answer is C.

56. A sum of Rs. 427 is to be divided among A, B and C in such a way that 3 times A’s share, 4
times B’s share and 7 times C’s share are all equal. The share of C is

A. Rs. 84
B. Rs. 147
C. Rs. 196
D. Rs. 240
Correct Answer is A.

57. A house wife saved Rs. 2.50 in buying an item on sale. If she spent Rs.25 for the item,
approximately how much percent she saved in the transaction?

A. 8%
B. 9%
C. 10%
D. 11%
Correct Answer is B.

58. I have trouble _____.

A. to remember my password
B. to remembering my password
C. remember my password
D. remembering my password
58. Correct Answer is D.

59. A man can row upstream at 8 kmph and downstream at 13 kmph. The speed of the stream is?

A. 2.5 kmph
B. 4.2 kmph
C. 5 kmph
D. 10.5 kmph
Correct Answer is A.

60. A papaya tree was planted 2 years ago. It increases at the rate of 20% every year. If at
present, the height of the tree is 540 cm, what was it when the tree was planted?

A. 432 cm
B. 324 cm
C. 375 cm
D. 400 cm
Correct Answer is C.

61. A boy has Rs 2. He wins or loses Rs. 1 at a time If he wins he gets Rs. 1 and if he loses the
game he loses Rs. 1. He can loose only 5 times. He is out of the game if he earns Rs 5. Find the
number of ways in which this is possible?

A. 14
B. 23
C. 16
D. 12
Correct Answer is C.

62. Xenophobia is fear of which kind?

A. Fear of confined spaces
B. Things that glow in the dark
C. Fear of heights
D. Foreigners or strangers
Correct Answer is D.

63. A is twice as good a workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 18 days. In
how many days will A alone finish the work?

A. 27
B. 26
C. 25
D. 24
Correct Answer is A.

64. The speed of a car is 75 m/sec. What is the speed of car in km/hr?

A. 135 km/hr
B. 270 km/hr
C. 200 km/hr
D. 250 km/hr
Correct Answer is B.

65. The least number exactly divisible by 12,15,20,54 is

A. 532
B. 220
C. 540
D. 500
Correct Answer is C.

66. If the cost price of 10 chairs be equal to selling price of 16 chairs, then the loss percentage
will be

A. 9.6
B. 17.5
C. 20
D. 37.5
Correct Answer is D.

67. The diagonals of a rhombus are 15cm and 20cm.Find its area?

A. 120sqcm
B. 300sqcm
C. 150sqcm
D. 480sqcm
Correct Answer is C.

68. P and Q started business with Rs.15000 and Rs.10000 respectively. Find the share of P in
an annual profit of Rs. 25000.

A. Rs.8000
B. Rs.6000
C. Rs.10000
D. Rs.15000
Correct Answer is D.

69. An amount doubles itself in 5 years with simple interest. What is the rate of interest?

A. 20
B. 25
C. 33
D. 35
Correct Answer is A.

70. In a cricket match five batsmen A, B, C, D and E scored an average of 36 runs. D scored 5
more than E; E scored 8 fewer than A; B scored as many as D and E combined; and B and C
scored 107 between them. How many runs did E score?

A. 62
B. 45
C. 28
D. 20
Correct Answer is D.

71. If STRAY is coded as TUSBZ then how will MOURN be coded?

Correct Answer is B.

72. A lady pointing to a man in a photograph says, “The sister of the son of this man is my
mother-in-law.” How is the husband of the lady related to the man in the photograph?

A. Maternal grandson
B. Nephew
C. Son
D. Maternal grandfather
Correct Answer is A.

73. In a group of 15 people, 7 read French, 8 read English while 3 of them read none of these
two. How many of them read French and English both?

A. 0
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer is B.

74. Arshad’s monthly expenditures are 7500. How much he spends in 8 months?

A. Rs.60000
B. Rs.70000
C. Rs.80000
D. Rs.90000
Correct Answer is A.

75. A car covers 20.525 km distance in one litre petrol. How much distance this car will cover in 15 litres petrol?

A. 307.875
B. 407.875
C. 507.875
D. 607.875
Correct Answer is A.

76. A train covers 45½ km distance in one hour. How much distance train will cover in 25 hours?
A. 1437.5 km
B. 1537.5 km
C. 1637.5 km
D. 1137.5 km
Correct Answer is D.

77. A seller loses 13% by selling a book at a certain price. Had he sold it for R.s 9.75 more, He would have gained 26%. C.P to him was:
A. 25
B. 30
C. 39
D. 42
Correct Answer is A.

78. A shopkeeper bought bicycle for R.s 600 and sold it for R.s 720.find the gain percent.

A. 15%
B. 18%
C. 20%
D. 25
Correct Answer is C.

79. Akbar sold his old gun for Rs.900, which he bought for Rs.2500. His loss is?

A. 64%
B. 82%
C. 94%
D. 15%
Correct Answer is A.

80. The written price of a coat is Rs.275 If 15% rebate is given on the written price, what will a customer pay?
A. Rs. 223.75
B. Rs. 231.75
C. Rs. 243.75
D. Rs. 233.75
Correct Answer is D.

81. Cost of 6 handkerchiefs is Rs.90. Find the cost of 2 dozen handkerchiefs.

A. Rs. 360
B. Rs. 330
C. Rs. 340
D. Rs. 350
Correct Answer is A.

82. The sum of the two digits of a two digit number is 14. The difference between the first
digit and the second digit of the two digit number is 2. What is the product of the two digits of
the two digit number?

A. 56
B. 48
C. 45
D. 65
Correct Answer is B.

83. If the following words are arranged according to the dictionary order then which will be
the second word in that order?

A. Expound
B. Exposure
C. Expulsion
D. Expose
Correct Answer is D.

84. There are 16 teams in a soccer tournament. If everyone plays against everyone exactly
once, how many games are there going to be?

A. 119
B. 120
C. 1278
D. 135
Correct Answer is A.

85. Ayesha says, “Nasir’s grandfather is the only son of my father.” How is Ayesha related to

A. Daughter
B. Sister
C. Niece
D. Grandmother
Correct Answer is D.

86. A clock is so placed that at 12 noon, its minute hand points towards North-East. In which
direction does its hour hand point at 1 :30 PM?

A. North
B. South
C. East
D. West
Correct Answer is C.

87. Introducing a man, a woman says, “He is the only son of my mother’s mother.” How is the
man related to the woman?

A. Uncle
B. Father
C. Maternal uncle
D. Uncle
Correct Answer is C.

88. A train crosses a pole in 15 seconds, while it crosses 100 meter long platform in 25
seconds. The length of the train is –

A. 125m
B. 135 m
C. 159 m
D. 175 m
Correct Answer is C.

89. A house owner wants to get his house painted. He is told that this would require 25 kg of
paint. Allowing for 15% wastage and assuming that the paint is available in 2kg tins, the
number of tins required for painting the house is –

A. 15
B. 12
C. 10
D. 20
Correct Answer is A.

90. The difference in selling prices of a heater at gains of 5% and 7.5% is rupees 1.25.then the
cost prize of heater is:

A. 45
B. 50
C. 52.50
D. 53.75
Correct Answer is B.

91. The town ‘C’ is there in between ‘A’ and ‘B’. If Nasir travels from A to C with a speed of 4
km/hr and C to B with 6 km/hr, what is the average speed of Nasir from A to B?

A. 4.8 km
B. 4.6 km
C. 5 km
D. 5.2 km
Correct Answer is A.

92. A man starting at a point walks 1 km east, then 2 km north, then 1 km east, then 1 km
north, then 1 km east and then 1 km north to arrive at his destination. What is the shortest
distance between the starting point and his destination?

A. 8 KM
B. 7 KM
C. 6 KM
D. 5 KM
Correct Answer is D.

93. What is the smallest number, which when divided by 3, 8 and 15 leaves the remainder 1, 6
and 13 respectively?

A. 121
B. 242
C. 118
D. 239
Correct Answer is C.

94. A perfect number is defined as a number the sum of whose divisors (excluding the number
itself, but including 1) is equal to the number itself. 6 is the lowest perfect number.Find the second lowest number.

A. 12
B. 14
C. 28
D. 496
Correct Answer is C.

95. A shopkeeper sells 18 mangoes for the purchase price of 20 mangoes. The percent profit
made by the shopkeeper is.

A. 10%
B. 11.11%
C. 9.09%
D. 12%
Correct Answer is B.

96. A pineapple costs Rs. 7 each a watermelon costs Rs. 5 each Z spends Rs. 38 on these
fruits. The number of pineapples purchased is:

A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 5

Correct Answer is B.

97. In a certain series, each number except the first and second is obtained by adding the
previous two numbers. If the first number is 2 and sixth 26, what is the second number?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 8
D. 6
Correct Answer is A.

98. The average of 13 results is 68. The average of first seven is 63 and that of the last seven
is 70; the seventh result is:

A. 73.5
B. 94
C. 47
D. 69
Correct Answer is C.

99. A ship sails out to a mark at the rate of 10 km per hour and sails back at the rate of 15 km
per hour. The average rate of sailing is …….

A. 12.5 km.hr
B. 12 km/hr
C. 7.5 km/hr
D. 13 km/hr
Correct Answer is B.

100. He was INFURIATED by the maddening behaviour of the clerk at the post office.

A. Disgusted
B. Enraged
C. Pacified
D. Depressed
Correct Answer is B.


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