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CSS 2023 Important Topics For Essay, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs 

Here, you will have all the essential topics of English Essay, Current Affairs and Pakistan affairs for CSS and PMS Exams 2023. These are the CSS Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, International relations and English Essay 2023 Guess Questions For the upcoming CE-2023 made by the qualified CSSMCQs team members while keeping in review all the major aspects of the Current scenarios. Insha’ALLAH, you will have 4-8 same nature questions in your real exam papers of PA, CA and IR and English Essay 2023. You can practice these questions right away, however, it will be updated with the lapse of time.

Important Topic for CSS and PMS Exams 2023

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1) Inflation:

  • Ukraine war and Inflation.
  • Climate change, factor of inflation.
  • Covid-19, and Supply chain disruption.
  • Inflation in Pakistan
  • Inflation, the way forward.

2) The Crisis Of Energy:

  • Ukraine war and Energy Crisis.
  • The issue of oil production.
  • Covid-19, and Supply chain disruption.
  • The Crisis of Energy in Pakistan.
  • Energy Crisis, the way forward.

3) Islamophobia:

  • Hiduvata Vs Islamophobia.
  • Political gains and Islamophobia.
  • Islamophobia and OIC.
  • Potential Impacts of Islamophobia.
  • Academic approach, the way forward.
  • Tackling the issue of Islamophobia.

4) Climate Change:

  • Climate Justice.
  • Climate Change and The Economic Cost.
  • Climate Emergency and its consequences
  • Climate Crisis And Pakistan, 2022 Floods.
  • Climate struggle, Impact of international conflicts.
  • IPPC 6th Assessment Reports, Working Groups 1,2 &3.
  • COP 26 Successes
  • COP 27 and Way forward

5) Water Crisis.

  • Manifestation, and Reports.
  • Climate and Water Crisis.
  • Dames, the Way Forward.
  • Water Policies.
  • Management of Water Resources.
  • Potential Impacts and Recommendation.

6) Foreign Policy

  • Geo-Political Dynamics, opportunity and challenges of Pakistan foreign policy.
  • The Concept of independent foreign policy.
  • Climate and Pakistan’s Foreign policy.
  • The challenge of Balancing ties between major powers.
  • Energy crisis and Pakistan’s Foreign policy.
  • National security policy 2022-26, and foreign policy.
  • International conflicts, and Pakistan foreign Policy.
  • The challenges, IMF and FATF.

7) Afghanistan Issue:

  • Taliban Govt., and Pakistan Concerns
  • The role of OIC in Taliban recognition.
  • Afghanistan, the issue of Human rights.
  • Afghanistan Economic Collapse .
  • Humanitarian Crisis.
  • Tehreek e Taliban ( TTP)

8) Financial Action Task Force.

  • What Pakistan lost due to its position on Gray list.
  • Politicization of FATF.
  • Role of Diplomacy in FATF.

9) Food Insecurity.

  • World Population Reaches 8 Billion, U.N. Says. The rapid population growth has been driven by the world’s poorest countries and they are confronting food insecurity, how to mitigate these crises?
  • International conflicts, and food insecurity.
  • Climate change and food insecurity.
  • Covid-19, and Food insecurity.
  • Food insecurity, and Pakistan.
  • Food insecurity the way forward.

10) Russian_Ukraine Crisis.

  • Potential impacts on Pakistan.
  • Energy Aspect of Russian_Ukraine Crisis
  • Food security and Russian_Ukraine Crisis.
  • Russian_Ukraine Crisis and Nuclear option.
  • Russian_Ukraine Crisis and new new blocs.
  • Russian_Ukraine Crisis, the information warfare

11) Indo-Pacific:

  • IPEF, pivot to Asia 2.0 and CPTPP AND RECEP.
  • The crisis in Taiwan, New developments.
  • USA, the strengthening of Indian Defense.
  • Developments in South China Sea.
  • $600, Partnership for global infrastructure.

12) The Emerging New World Order.

  • The war in Ukraine and new world order.
  • Sino-Russian, unlimited friendship.
  • Strengthening of BRICS.
  • Competition in Indo-Pacific.
  • US Sanctions and New Payment Systems.
  • Energy , factor in new world order.

13) The Decline of USD.

  • Tough US sanctions, finding alternative payments.
  • New payment systems, CIPS, SPFS, UPI.
  • Yuan-Ruble trade.
  • Indian rupee-rubble
  • BRICS Business Forum, Putin proposal of New Trading Currency,
  • Condition of Rubble Payment for Russian Gas.
  • Tough US sanctions, finding alternative payments.

14) Political Instability:

  • Leading causes.
  • Potential Impacts.

15) Constitutional Crisis:

  • Developments and Judiciary Role.
  • Constitutional Crisis and Development

16) Economic Crisis of Pakistan

  • Political instability.
  • Climate impacts on the Economy.
  • Role of FATF Gray list.
  • Structural issue.
  • Issues of Industrial and Agricultural sectors,

17) Electoral Reforms.

  • Facts and Observation.
  • Obstacles in making reforms.
  • EVMs and Its issues.
  • i-voting, Criticism.

18) National Security Policy 2022-26.

  • Description of NSP.
  • Importance of NSP.
  • Criticism of NSP.

19) The Crisis of Overpopulation.

  • Manifestation, UN world population prospects 2022.
  • A crisis of negligence.
  • Responsible factors.
  • Making population productive, investments in Hum. Resources.
  • Urbanization and potential Impacts of overpopulation.

20) International Monitoring Fund, IMF.

  • The eternal issue of BoP.
  • IMF, the Lifeline.
  • Drawbacks of IMF Funding.
  • Way forward

21) Single National Curriculum (SNC) and Pakistan

  • Is SNC implemented in Pakistan?
  • What are the benefits of single national curriculum in Pakistan?
  • Which curriculum is followed in Pakistan?
  • What are the disadvantages of SNC?
  • Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Single National Curriculum
  • Single National Curriculum & Educational Disparities in Pakistan

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