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Chemistry MCQs

Chemistry MCQs banner by CSS MCQs
Chemistry MCQs by CSS MCQs

Chemistry MCQs by CSSMCQs

Here, you will find all Chemistry MCQs with their Answers. These MCQs would help you achieve good marks in ALL kinds of entry tests of  FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, CTS, MDCAT, ECAT, ETEA, NUMS and all other entry tests preparation etc. They will also help you get better marks in any types of job or university admission tests. Our focus will be on the fundamental level of the Chemistry course. However, advance level and its main branches MCQs will also be shared with their correct answers. For other subject’s MCQs Click HERE

All of the following statements are incorrect except

A. precision and accuracy should go side by side in a scientific work
B. scientific work must be precise, accuracy is not essential
C. scientific work must be accurate, precision is not essential
D. calculations must be made before any experiment

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Correct Answer: A. precision and accuracy should go side by side in a scientific work
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Empirical formula and formula unit of an ionic compound

A. are always similar
B. are always different
C. may be similar or different
D. ionic compounds don’t’ have any empirical formula

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Correct Answer: C. may be similar or different
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Copper (II) oxide is mixed with organic compound during combustion analysis. The purpose is

A. to carry out complete combustion
B. to reduce the economy of the process
C. to reduce the time for completion of the reaction
D. all of the above

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Correct Answer: A. to carry out complete combustion
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Bismark brown is a dye. Its molar mass is 228.3 g/mol. When the dye was analyzed by a scientist, it was found that it contains 30.68% nitrogen. How many nitrogen atoms are there in each Bismark brown molecule?

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3

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Correct Answer: B. 5
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“A” compound is always consists of the same elements combined in the same fixed ratio”. The statement is

A. a hypothesis
B. a fact
C. a law
D. an observation

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Correct Answer: C. a law
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What is the relative rate of effusion of CO and CO2?

A. CO is 1.25 times faster than CO2
B. CO is 3.75 times faster than CO2
C. CO is 1.25 times faster than CO
D. Both diffuse at the same rate

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Correct Answer: A. CO is 1.25 times faster than CO2
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