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Pashto MCQs for Competitive Exams of CSS, PMS & KPPSC Exams

Who was the first Poet of Pashto literature ?

A. Mullah Arzani

B. Ameer Karor

C. Mirza Khan Ansari

D. Khushal Khan Khattak

Who was the first Poet of Ghazal in Pashto literature ?

A. Bait Baba

B. Akbar Zamindawar

C. Mirza Khan Ansari

D. Zarghona Kakar

Tazkirat ul Aulia is written by Sulaiman Mako in ?

A. 520 Hijri

B. 605 Hijri

C. 612 Hijri

D. 900 Hijri

The first Pashto Magazine published by Bacha Khan was ?

A. Bang e Haram

B. Pukhtoon

C. Pukhto

D. Nan Paron

Old Name of Peshawar was ?

A. Bagram

B. Pashkalawati

C. Gandahara

D. None of the above

Pashto language belongs to ?

A. Saami

B. Arya

C. Younani

D. None of the above

The Author of Pashto book Patta Khazana is ?

A. Shah Hussain

B. Muhammad Hutak

C. Ali Muhammad

D. Akhon Darweza

Who was the first Director of Pashto Academy in Peshawar University ?

A. Abdul Ali Khan

B. Maulana Abdul Qadir

C. Syed Rasool Rasa

D. Pareshaan Khattak

Pashto Academy in University of Peshawar was started in ?

A. 1952

B. 1955

C. 1960

D. 1962