The answers of questions marked with * are subject to change with time

  • Noori-al-Malki was the (47th) prime minister of:*

A. Iran
B. Iraq (20 May 2006-8 Sep 2014)
C. Syria
D. Turkey

Tax Inspector-16

  • Name the President of Cuba?*

A. Federal Castro
B. Miguel Diaz-Canel
C. Joseph Richmand
D. None of above

Excise & Tax Inspector 2016

  • Name of the President of India?*

A. Abdul Kalam
B. Sonia Gandhi
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Ram Nath Kovind

Excise & Tax Inspector 2016

  • On the flag of which country is there an image of Maple Leaf?

A. Thailand
B. Canada
C. Brazil
D. Azerbaijan

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  • The capital city of Denmark is

A. Prague
B. Zagreb
C. Brussels
D. Copenhagen

Excise & Tax Inspector 2018 (Lhr)

  • What is the currency of Kuwait?

A. Dinar
B. Rial
C. Euro
D. Pound

Excise & Tax Inspector 2016/2018 (Lhr)

  • Peoples Republic of China was founded:

A. 1 October 1947
B. 1 October 1948
C. 1 October 1949
D. None

Excise & Tax Inspector 2016

  • Dmitry Medvedev is the prime minister of:*

A. Japan
B. China
C. Russia
D. Romania

Excise & Tax Inspector 2016

He has served as 37th Prime Minister of Russia since 8 May 2012. From 7 May 2008 to 7 May 2012, Medvedev served as the 3rd President of Russia.

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  • Water Lily is a symbol of?

A. Canada
B. China
C. Iran
D. India

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  • Which is the only nation flag to be neither square or rectangular in shape? 

A. Russia
B. Malaysia
C. France 
D. Nepal

♦ Credit To: Haris Hashmi ♦