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  • A biological study of external form and structure of living organisms and their parts is called:

A. Nephrology
B. Morphology
C. Oncology
D. Pharmacology

♦ Credit To: Farrukh Akram 

  • The study of relationship between organisms and their environment is called:

A. Ecology
B. Oncology
C. Lithology
D. Hydrology

♦ Credit To: Muhammad Nawaz 

  • A branch of pharmacology dealing with poisons and other toxic substances is called:

A. Oncology
B. Osteology
C. Toxicology
D. Radiology

♦ Credit To: Abbas Manzoor 

  • Entomology deals with the study of:

A. Plants
B. Animals
C. Insects
D. Chemicals

♦ Credit To: Abbas Manzoor 

  • The branch of atmospheric sciences which includes atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics, with major focus on weather forecasting is called:

A. Meteorology
B. Astrophysics
C. Aeronautics
D. Cosmology

♦ Credit To: Anwar Rajput 

  • A branch of biology dealing with structure and functions of cells is called:

A. Oncology
B. Orology
C. Semiology
D. Cytology

♦ Credit To: Wajid Ali 

  • The science of heavenly bodies is called:

A. Astronomy
B. Astrophysics
C. Aeronautics
D. Cosmology

♦ Credit To: Khurram Shahzad 

  • The study of tissues is called:

A. Geology
B. Radiology
C. Toxicology
D. Histology

♦ Credit To: Khurram Shahzad 

  • The study of earthquakes is known as:

A. Ecology
B. Seismology
C. Numismatics
D. Encephlalogy

♦ Credit To: Hamza Raja 

  • The study of structure and growth of nails is called:

A. Cosmetology
B. Aerology
C. Oneirology
D. Encephlalogy

♦ Credit To: Munir Aslam