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  • Who discovered Penicillin?

A. Viscount
B. Macmillion
C. Alexander Fleming (a Scottish researcher in 1928-London)
D. None of above

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  • Internet was invented by

A. Robert E. Kahn
B. Bill Gates
C. Vinton Grey Cerf
D. Both A and C

♦ Credit To: Abdul Khaliq ♦

Vinton Gray Cerf ForMemRS, is an American Internet pioneer, who is recognized as one of “the fathers of the Internet”, sharing this title with TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) co-inventor Robert E. Kahn (an American electrical engineer).

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  • Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer and colonizer, discovered 

A. India
B. Russia
C. America
D. Iran

  • ♦ Credit To: Isma Sajjad ♦

Columbus arrived at Puerto Rico in 1493. He originally called the island San Juan Bautista, but thanks to the Gold in the river, it was soon known as Puerto Rico or “rich port”

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  • Chronometer is used for measuring _____

A. Temperature
B. Current
C. Velocity
D. Longitude

  • ♦ Credit To: Wasim Khan ♦

  • Smallpox vaccine was invented by

A. Ibn Sina
B. Louis Pasteur
C. Charles Darwin
D. Edward Jenner (an English physician and scientist)

♦ Credit To: Shah Hussain ♦

Edward Jenner was the pioneer of smallpox vaccine, the world’s first vaccine, invented in 1796. The terms ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccination’ are derived from Variolae vaccinae, a term devised by Jenner to denote cowpox.

Jenner is often called “the father of immunology

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  • Wilhelm Rontgen, a German mechanical engineer and physicist, invented the 

A. Laptop
B. Thermometer
C. X-rays (or Rontgen rays)
D. iPhone

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  • John Logie Baird, a Scottish engineer, invented the 

A. Laptop
B. Television
C. Computer
D. iPhone

♦ Credit To: Yawar Riaz ♦

  • Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist and chemist, invented the   

A. Hydrogen Lamp
B. Battery
C. Bulb
D. Both A & B

♦ Credit To: Saad Bin Aziz ♦

  • Who among the following scientists invented Polio vaccine?

A. Jonas Salk (an American, came into use in 1955)
B. Louis Pasteur
C. Charles Darwin
D. None of these

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The first polio vaccine was the inactivated polio vaccine. It was developed by Jonas Salk and came into use in 1955. The oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came into commercial use in 1961.

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