ELECTION OFFICERs (BS-17) Solved Past Papers MCQs in PDF

Here, you will find ELECTION OFFICER Solved Past Papers MCQs of the 2015 Exam. You can also download these ELECTION OFFICERs (BS-17) Past Papers in pdf.

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ELECTION OFFICERs (BS-17) Past Papers pdf MCQs

These are the MCQs which are taken from the past papers of the Election Officers tests.

  1. The time period of a senator is 6 years.
  2. Khewra mines are at Jehlum.
  3. The Current NAB chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal.
  4. Election 2013 took place on 11th May 2013.
  5. The age of the President of Pakistan should be 45 years.
  6. Pakistan opened its first embassy in Iran.
  7. Minority seats in National Assembly are 10.
  8. NADRA ordinance promulgated in 2000
  9. Headquarter of NATO is in Brussels.
  10. Permanant secretariat of SAARC is at katmandu.
  11. Jannat Baqi is in Madina.
  12. The original name of Imam Bukhari is Ismail?
  13. Kissing of Hajr-e-Aswad is Istalam.
  14. Bangladesh seprated from Pakistan on 16 th Dec 1971.
  15. The objective resolution was passed on 12th March 1949.
  16. The second constitution of Pakistan was enforced on 8 June 1962
  17. The Governor of KPK is Shah Farman.
  18. Naval Cheif of Pakistan? M Amjad Khan Niazi NI(M)
  19. Pakistan Iran gas pipeline is known as the peace pipeline.
  20. Pakistan China signed 46 billion dollars pacts. (Now it has enhanced to 62Bn$)
  21. Foreign Minister of India is Shushma Siraj
  22. President of China Zing jing ping?
  23. First constitution on March 23, 1956.
  24. Indian National Congress formed in 1885.
  25. Govt India Act introduced in 1935.
  26. Quid e Azam joined the Muslim league in 1913.
  27. Nehru report brought in 1928?
  28. First President of Pakistan? Mirza became the first president of the country.
  29. Partition plan 3rd June.
  30. Pakistan 6th largest in population. (Now it has crossed the Brazil and standing as 5th largest population in the world)
  31. The duration of CEC is 3 years.
  32. Last census of Pakistan in 1998. (But now it is 2017)
  33. Turn out in general elections 2013 was?
  34. The country with no veto power is Canada.
  35. Diamir Basha Dam constructed on? River Indus
  36. Cultivated land in Pakistan is 25%.
  37. Non-permanant members in UNO are 10.
  38. Pakistan shares the longest border with? India (The Pakistan-India border is almost 2,912 kilometers long. It beats Afghanistan which has 2,400 kilometers long)
  39. Nisab of zakat on silver is 52 1/2.
  40. Two times bismillah in surah Namal.
  41. 1st country to recognize Pakistan? IRAN
  42. The deputy speaker of NA? Mr. Qasim Khan Suri
  43. The current minister for religious affairs is Noor-ul-Haq Qadri
  44. k2 height? 8,611 meters
  45. The current chairman senate? Sadiq Sanjrani
  46. Constitution which declared Pakistan an Islamic republic? 1956
  47. 26 amendments in the constitution so far
  48. The state bank of Pakistan inauguration on? 1948
  49. UN formed on  24 October 1945
  50. Pakistan joined the UN on? 24 October 1945
  51. HQs of int court of justice? Hague
  52. When the first constitution of Pakistan came into being? 23rd March 1956

NOTE: These MCQs are taken from the ELECTION OFFICERs (BS-17) 2015, therefore, some MCQs are updated while others will be updated whenever it is required. If you find any obsolete information, please write in the comment box below. Please share the rest of the MCQs in the comment box if you remember.

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