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Description Name
First living creature to travel in space A Bitch (named Laika)
First Man to set foot on Moon Neil Armstrong
First Lady Pilot Martyrdom from Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Marium Mukhtiar
First Woman Bank (by the PM Benazir Bhutto) Karachi (in 1989)
First Governor of State Bank of Pakistan Zahid Hussain
First Natural gas (also the Biggest) field in Pakistan Sui, Balochistan (in 1952 by Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.)
First Nobel Prize 1901
First President of USA George Washington (30 Apr 1789 – 4 Mar 1797)
First Female PM of a country Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike (Sri Lankan)
First Female PM of a Muslim country (also of Pakistan) Benazir Bhutto
First Governor General of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam (Baba-i-Qaum)
Last Governor General of Pakistan Iskandar Mirza
First President of Pakistan Iskandar Mirza
First PM of Pakistan Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan (Quaid-e-Millat/Shaheed-e-Millat)
First Pakistani PM to visit China Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy
First Female CM of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti
First Governor of Punjab after Independence Sir Francis Mudie (15 Aug 1947-02 Aug 1949)
First Female Governor of Sindh Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali
First Human Heart Transplant (on 3 Dec 1967) by Dr. Christaan Neethling Barnard (South African)
First Secretary-General of United Nation (UN) Trygve Lie (from Norway)
First Asian Secretary-General of United Nations (UN) UThant (from Myanmar)
First Prophet to lay foundation Masjid Aqsa Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)
First Revelation Surah Surah Al-Alaq
First Islamic Flag (of Black colour) given to Hazrat Hamza (R.A)
First Non-Muslim Cricketer to play for Pakistan Wallis Matthias (21 Tests from 1955-62)
First Captain of Pakistan Test team Abdul Hafeez Kardar (one of the 3 players to play both for India and Pakistan, the other two being  Amir Elahi and Gul Mohammad)
First Captain of Pakistan Women ODI and Test team Shaiza Khan
First Test Century for Pakistan Nazar Muhammad (124* vs. India at University Ground, Lucknow in 1952)
First Olympics Hockey Gold Medal for Pakistan Rome Olympics 1960 (beating India by 1-0) Only goal by Naseer Ahmad Bunda
First Cloned Animal Dolly (a Sheep)
First Population Census in Pakistan 1951
Last Population Census in Pakistan (6th) 2017
Last ruler of Bahawalpur state Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi-IV