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Geography Questions | World Geography MCQs with Answers pdf

Here, you will have Geography Questions of World Geography MCQs with Answers pdf. These Geography Questions and Answers are very helpful in gaining General Knowledge. These Geography MCQs are given with their proper Answers and can be downloaded in pdf which is given at the end of this page. These General Knowledge MCQ of geography questions and answers are equally important for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, NTS and all other competitive exams. Thus, These are helpful For Nts Test, Ppsc Test, Fpsc Test, Bpsc Test, Spsc Test, Kpkpsc Test and Ajkpsc Test preparation.

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

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Geography Questions | World Geography General Knowledge MCQs

S no Geography Questions Answers
1 The total area of the earth is: 510,072,000 sq. km
2 Earth has an equatorial circumference of: 24,901.461 miles
3 The ratio between land and oceans contains 70.8% and 29.2%
4 The total area of oceans contain 361,132 million sq, km
5 The total area of the earth is         greater than area of US. 52 times
6 The highest part of earth is: Mt. Everest
7 The lowest part of earth is: Dead sea
8 The deepest part of earth is: Mariana trench
9 Earth surface is divided into         continents. 7
10 Asia is the largest continent with the area of    : 44,391,162 sq km
11 Asia comprises      of the land area. 30%
12 The highest point of Asia is Mt. Everest
13 2nd largest continent by area is Africa
14 Total area of Africa is 30,365,700 sq km
15 Africa has     of the total area of the earth 20.3%
16 The highest point of Africa is Mt. Kilimanjaro
17 Lowest point of Africa is Lake Assal
18 3rd largest continent on earth is North America
19 Total area of North America is 24,247,039 sq km
20 North America contains     of the total area of the earth 16.3%
21 The highest point of north America Mt, McKinly
22 Lowest point of north America Death valley
23 Total area of South America is 17,858,000 sq km
24 South America contains total area of the earth is 8.9%
25 Highest point of south America is Mt, Aconcagua
26 Lowest point of south America is Valdes peninsula
27 Total area Antarctica is 14,200,000 sq km
28 Antarctica contains area of the earth is 8.2%
29 Total area of Europe is 10,400,000 sq km
30 Europe comprises of the land area 6.7%
31 Highest point of Europe is Mt. Elbrus
32 Lowest point of Europe is Caspian sea
33 Total area of Australia is 7,686,884 sq km
34 Australia contains are of the earth is 5.2%
35 Highest point of Australia is Mt, Kosciusko
36 Lowest point of Australia is Lake Eyre
37 About           of the earth’s crust is composed of aluminum 8.2%
38 The deepest part of ocean is Mariana trench
39 The greatest depth in the Indian ocean is Java trench
40 The highest waterfall of the world is Angel waterfall
41 Death valley of California is famous for: Hottest area

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