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Geography Questions of World Geography MCQs | 2

This is the second page of Geography Questions of World Geography MCQs. Here, you will find the rest of the questions of Geography.

42The largest ocean of the world isPacific ocean
43The smallest sea of the world isBaltic sea
44Strait of Gilbraltar connects:Mediterranean sea with Atlantic ocean
45Panama canal connectsAtlantic ocean with pacific ocean
46Sea of Japan is famous forFishing
47Which of the following is Baltic stateEstonia
48Biggest island isGreenland
49Which one is the largest salt water lake in the world?Caspian sea
50World largest city by area wise isNew York
51Longest strait of the world isStrait of Malacca
52Takla makan desert is located inChina
53The world smallest state by population is:Vatican city
54Kuril island is situated betweenRussia and Japan
55Yellow sea lies betweenChina and korea
56World’s largest Volcano Mauna Loa is located in:Philippines (Mayn)
57The eastern Mediterranean island Cyprus is dividedGreece and turkey
58World smallest Islamic state by area wiseMaldives
59Sakhalin islands are claimed by:Russia and japan
60World famous golden gate bridge is situated inSan Francisco
61is worlds largest producer of uranium:Kazakhstan
62Dead sea lies between:Israel and Jordan
63Identify the largest sea:South china sea
64Which country has greatest number of volcanoes in the world?Philippines
65Which country has largest number of islands ?Indonesia
66What is subway?Underground passage
67Which sea is located in central Asia?Aral sea
68Which country is below sea level?Netherland
69Bore is caused by:Rising with meeting river currents
70A canyon is a large form of:Gorge
71What kind of weathering takes place in the valley side above the

surface of glacier?

72Any wind that changes direction with the seasons is known as:Monsoon
73The largest latitude circle on the earth is:Arctic circle
75World’s largest delta is:Bangladesh
76What is meant by equinox?Day and night are equal
77What is meant solstice?When sun reaches its maximum distance from earth’s equator
78The seasons change because the:Earth is revolving round the sun
79What is the age of earth?5500 million years
80Antarctica is situated in the:South pole
81Which continent is called dark continent?Africa
82In which continent the Alps mountain is situated in?Europe
83Suez canal connects:Red sea and Mediterranean sea
84Which is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere?Dec 21 or 22
85The earth rotation on its axis is from:West to East
86Friendship bridge on Oxus river connect:Uzbekistan and Afghanistan
87Johar strait separates:Singapore and Malaysia
88Strait Dover separates:England and France
89Bay of Biscay is situated in between:France and Spain
90The longest underwater tunnel “Seikan Tunnel” is located in:Japan
91The most populous metropolitan area is:Tokyo


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