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General Science And Ability CSS Paper 2017 MCQs

General Science And Ability CSS Paper 2017 MCQs
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

1. Stone is used in whitewash: Limestone

2. Gas is used for ripening of fruits: Ethylene

3. Planet closest to the earth: Venus

4. Sulphuric acid made by: Jabir bin Hayyan

5. Lock jaws is another name of: Tetanus

6. Branch of physics related to nuclei: Nuclear Physics

7. Sonar is used to calculate: Ocean depth

8. Radar receives waves called: Radio waves

9. Plaster of Paris is obtained from: Gypsum

10. Phosphorus helps plant growth of: Root

11. The blue colour of the sky is due to: Rayleigh scattering

12. Lens used to correct shortsightedness: Concave

13. Blood clotting happens in: Veins

14. Newspaper can be recycled: 5 times

15. The catalyst to convert oil into ghee: Nickel

16. Conversion of oil into ghee: Hydrogenation


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