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35. Kilowatt-hour is a unit of:

A. Power
B. Electric Current
C. Energy
D. Time
e. None of these

36. Fuel used in a Fast Breeder Reactor is:

A. Uranium Oxide
B. Uranium Plutonium carbide
C. Uranium Plutonium Oxide
D. Uranium thorium Oxide
e. None of these

37. Monsoon is caused by:

A. Seasonal reversal of winds
B. Revolution of earth
C. Movement of clouds
D. Rise in temperature
e. Rain forests

38. Which of the following atmospheric layers help in radio communication?

A. Exosphere
B. Ionosphere
C. Troposphere
D. Stratosphere
e. Ozone layer

39. A moderator is used in nuclear reactor in order to:

A. Accelerate the neutrons
B. Slow down the speed of the neutrons
C. Increase the number of elections
D. Decrease the number of electrons
e. None of these

40. Sedimentary rocks are:

A. Porous
B. Hard
C. Rough
D. Brittle
e. Volcanic

41. Which one of the following is a non-metallic mineral?

A. Manganese
B. Magnesium
C. Gypsum
D. Bauxite
e. None of these

42. Ozone layer prevents the following radiation from entering the atmosphere:

A. Infra-red
B. Ultraviolet
C. X-rays
D. Gamma rays
e. None of these

43. The phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, the display of red and green lights in northern hemisphere is due to radiations from:

A. Ionosphere
B. Troposphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Stratosphere
e. None of these

44. Yeast is used in making bread because it produces:

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Sugar
C. Bacteria
D. Oxygen
e. None of these

45. Oasis is associated with:

A. Glaciers
B. Desert
C. Islands
D. Volcanoes
e. Fertile land

46. Quartz crystal in quartz watches work on the principle called:

A. Photoelectric effect
B. Stark effect
C. Thermionic effect
D. Piezo-electric effect
e. None of these

47. The fruits without seed, like banana, are called:

A. seedless fruits
B. parthenogenesis fruits
C. parthenocarpic fruits
D. placental fruits
e. Organic fruits

48. Animal which captures and readily kills living animals for its food is called:

A. Parasite
B. Scavenger
C. Predator
D. Mammal
e. None of these

49. In a railway track, two rails are joined end to end with a gap tin between them because:

A. Steel can be saved
B. Accidents due to contraction in winter can be avoided
C. Air gaps are necessary for bearing the weight of running train
D. Accidents due to expansion in summer can be avoided
e. All of these

differences in temperature cause the materials to either shrink or expanD. With a lot of shrinking and expanding occurring, these materials would crack or break down if there wasn’t any allowance for the movement. Also these gaps are used to compensate for the weight of the load crossing vehicles which presses the bridge to its maximum shear capacity. The gaps serve as this allowance for movement in terms of both temperature and weight.

50. Name the famous book of Ibn-Sina in which he discussed human physiology and medicine:

A. Al-Qanoon
B. Al-Masudi
C. New Renaissance
D. Tadhkira
e. None of these

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