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How to Prepare MCQs for CSS Exams?

Here, in this article, you will know how to prepare MCQs for CSS Exams. In addition to it, there is also a detailed CSS MCQs Solving and Preparation Strategies video lecture of our respected Sir Ameer Hassan [FSP 47th Common].

Importance of CSS MCQs

Why CSSMCQs Matter a lot?

In Competitive Exams like CSS & PMS, only one mark matters a lot. However, many aspirants are earnest but yet don’t tend to heed CSS MCQs. They don’t even bother to go through the past paper MCQs of CSS exam to get a fair idea that what kind of MCQs are often asked in these examinations. So, while keeping this aspect in mind, I want to share an essential APP about CSS & PMS Exam MCQs with all those aiming to appear for CE-2022. Except for the English Essay paper, all the other papers have MCQs of 20 marks where only one number can either let you in OR out you from your favourite and the best recruitment Cadres of competitive exams.

Therefore, you cannot deny the role of 220 MCQs marks (11×20=220) in your CSS Exam; thus, if you don’t know about CSSMCQS APP, which is available on Google Playstore. Before October 2021, you can freely avail yourself of the latest, i.e. 2020 & 2021 Past Papers MCQs of CSS Exam. This app also contains all the compulsory subjects MCQs in quiz form from 2005-2021.

So, download this APP and start examining yourself before the exam. You must be aware of the fact that CSS Past Paper MCQs are often repeated, just observe the MCQs part if Current Affairs papers of the year 2012 and 2019, you will observe it by yourself where examiner copy-paste the entire MCQs paper even though this was current affairs paper but yet they don’t tend to touch the latest scenarios in the current paper.

Furthermore, Islamiat and Pakistan affairs MCQs are often given in CSS and all other Competitive Exams papers.

#Remember, if you have gone through all these past paper MCQs of CSS Compulsory subjects, you will feel relax and accomplished at the end. So, it will ease your burden if you cover it now.


 Playstore APP of CSSMCQs

How to Prepare MCQs for CSS Exams?

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) consider for 20% of the total score of every CSS subject, except English Essay. Part one of every paper consists of 20 multiple choice questions with four options each, weighing one mark per question. That means that there is a chance of scoring 220 marks just by answering the MCQ’s accurately. To pass the CSS examination, one needs at least 600 marks, and if at the very least, one can score 50% in the MCQ’s, that means that that they have already secured 110 marks out of the total.

Aspirants should remember never to underestimate the importance of the MCQ portion of any of the CSS subjects. If one knows the answer, they are guaranteed the score. Hence, they should dedicate particular time and effort to its preparation. Like everything else, there are several methods to conquer this challenge.

First, one should remain vigilant when generally preparing for any CSS subject and highlight any minor details that seem significant, such as names, dates, locations, figures, etc. A lot of MCQ’s are from the general course content. In Gender Studies, several MCQ’s will ask for authors’ names. In Pakistan Affairs, the MCQ’s will ask when or where a treaty was signed, and in International Relations, the MCQ’s will ask the name of a theory based on a definition.

CSS examinations are unlike most others in the sense that they do not ignore the present world. Most examinations in universities and schools do not relate learned content to current events or incidences. However, CSS subjects are all unique because they also focus on what is happening in the world. For questions that focus on present or recent world events, one must remain up-to-date with the news. The best way to do this is by reading the newspaper daily and marking significant information.

Another source for preparing MCQ’s are online apps specifically designed to prepare CSS that can be downloaded on one’s cell phone. These apps are readily available on Android, and iPhone platforms and, at minimum, have content for compulsory CSS subjects if not all the optional subjects. Dedicating half an hour daily to these apps can be very helpful in the preparation and leave one feeling confident.

Finally, and arguably one of the most critical sources of MCQ’s is past papers. Almost all questions, except those related to recent events, are repeated in one way or another.
Therefore, it is vital that every aspirant spend time preparing past papers. One cannot stress enough the importance of preparing from past papers. They not only give the student an idea of the types of questions to expect but also provide insight into the mind of the examiner.

After compiling all the data and organizing all the information needed for the preparation of MCQ’s, it is up to the student to choose their method of revision. They can choose to make several 4×5 flashcards with the question on the front and answer on the back. That way, they can test themselves every time they revise. The student can also create a facts and figures sheet where they have all the information compiled in one place, and they look over it every day for memorization. Even the apps downloaded for data have test modules that are helpful in revision.

On the CSSMCQs website, experts provide tips and guidance specific to the CSS subject. Here, students will be advised how to approach to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of every aspect of various papers. So, in short, CSS MCQs Team believes in a comprehensive and intelligent approach towards the MCQs part, and for that, you can practice all the past papers MCQs of Compulsory Subjects of CSS Examinations.



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Are You Ready to Get 20/20 in these Quizzes?

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Are You Ready to Get 20/20 in these Quizzes?

Must try all these if You are a CSS Serious Aspirant, measure your level of preparation HERE & NOW!

Let’s see who else can get 20/20 MARKS in ISLAMIC STUDIES QUIZ
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CSS 2021 Pakistan Affairs Paper Solved MCQ




CSS MCQs Solving Preparation Strategies


by CSP Ameer Hassan [FSP 47th Common]

Dear Aspirants, MCQs happen to be the game-changer for every candidate. High scores in MCQs can prove to be the difference-maker between qualifying and non-qualifying; as well as between allocation and non-allocation.

Therefore, they should be given their due importance and must be prepared along with descriptive topics.

The video includes:

  1. – Importance of MCQs in CSS exams
  2. – Important resources for CSS MCQs preparation
  3. – Smart way to prepare MCQs for CSS exams

Hope this video benefits you all towards your CSS preparation. All the Best!

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MCQs Quizzes are very important for the preparation of MCQs online. It provides the ability to solve MCQs quiz during real test very fast and with accuracy. Our site CSSMCQs also provides the opportunity for candidates to prepare NOT only Mcqs but also take Online Quiz of MCQs. With no doubt giving online Quizzes boost up one’s confidence. Therefore, don’t lose this chance and practice regularly MCQs Questions.

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