KPPSC PMS 2016 Solved Past Papers of Screening Test

Here, you will find KPPSC PMS 2016 Solved Past Papers of Screening Test. KPPSC PMS Solved Past Papers of Screening Test 2016 are necessary to preapre for the upcoming PMS Screening test mcqs. We all know that preparation for a test is necessary to get good score and becomes eligible for the written exam of PMS KPK Exam.  Thus, Preparation of the past papers is very necessary to be get selected. These MCQs are free of cost and available for download as well.

Solved MCQs of  KPPSC PMS 2016 Past Papers of Screening Test

1. India’s operation eagle was directed against Sikhs
2. Gaddu, Chasma barrages are built on the River: Indus
3. 14 Points were enunciated at the conference of The conference of Versailles
4. “I want to die in an independent state, not in a slave country”. These words were uttered
by? Maulana Mohammed Ali
5. At the fourth OIC Summit, General Zia Ul Haq requested for the readmission of which
country? Egypt
6. Who presented the National Flag of Pakistan to the constituent Assembly for approval
on 11th August, 1947? Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan
7. Who was the first President of India? Rajendra Prasad
8. Simon Commission is also known as? Indian Statutory Commission
9. The objective of the Cabinet Mission was? Transfer of power from British to Indian
10. Which movement was abolished after the incident of Chauri Chaura in 1922: Non-
cooperation movement
11. Chenab Formula was presented by? Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
12. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of Independence of Pakistan? Clement
13. Who persuaded Quaid Azam to join Muslim League in 1913? M.Ali Johar
14. India has built Kishenganga Dam on the river? River Jhelum
15. In 1950, who sent a report to the UN about the Karachi Agreement between Pakistan and
16. Hajj Mabroor means? The Accepted Hajj
17. Injunction of utilization of Zakat is in which Surah? Surah-al Tauba
18. Hazrat Muhammad SAW was born three thousand years before which Prophet? Hazrat
Ibrahim AS
19. Who was the first Ameeri Hajj in 9 AH? Hazrat Abu Bakar
20. Soum was made obligatory in which Hijri? 2  Hijri


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