KPPSC PMS 2021 Solved MCQs Screening test Past Paper batch-1

Here, you will have the English and General Knowledge portions of today (18/06/2021) KPPSC PMS 2021 Screening test batch-1 solved past paper of MCQs solved test questions.

KPPSC PMS 2021 Screening test batch-1

Words Correct spellings

  • Auxiliary
  • Subsistence
  • Coalition
  • Guarantee
  • Voluminous


  1. Annihilate means to destroy
  2. buoyant to support
  3. laconic means concise
  4. Wretched means miserable
  5. Delectable means Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste
  6. Gruesome means horrific
  7. Insipid means tasteless
  8. Huddle means Crowd
  9. Stupendous means Prodigious ie great in size
  10. Abhor means hate/detest


  1. The factitious opposite is genuine
  2. The buoyant opposite is Cheerful
  3. Germinate opposite to decoy
  4. Vacillate opposite is resolve
  5. Oblation opposite is negation
  6. The adamant opposite is useless
  7. The jovial opposite is sad/miserable
  8. The veracious opposite is dishonest
  9. Usurp opposite is inherit


  1. Turn over a leaf means To begin a new and better course of conduct
  2. Play fast and loose means behave irresponsibly or immorally.
  3. Be in abeyance is a state of suspension or temporary disuse; dormant condition liable to revival.
  4. Throw down the gloves  means to give a challenge
  5. Spell the beans to Divulge confidential information or secrets
  6. Throw dust at one’s eyes means to mislead or deceive someone by presenting or introducing distracting
  7. Get into hot water means to be in or get into a difficult situation 
  8. To save one’s face means to enable someone to avoid humiliation
  9. To flog a dead horse means to waste energy on a lost cause or a situation that cannot be changed
  10. Keep the ball rolling means maintaining the momentum of an activity


  • Kigali is the currency of Rwanda
  • Peso is the currency of Argentina
  • The currency of Algeria
  • The currency of Austria Euro
  • The currency of Cambodia Rial
  • The currency of Chile and Colombia both of them have same currency
  • The common currency European stats is Euro

Capital of the states

  • Saudi Arabia = Riyadh
  • Oman = Mascot
  • Senegal = Dakar

Other General Knowledge MCQs:

  • Hypsometer used for? to measure height above sea level
  • Number of members of Group 77? 134
  • Are Pakistan, India & Afghanistan members of Group 77? All of these
  • SAARC resolution for 2005-2015? To Alleviate Poverty
  • SAARC HQ located at?  Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Name of OIC Head to be replaced?
  • Name. of Declaration passed in OIC summit on 7th Dec 2005?
  • What is Sir Creek? Border hotline
  • Worlds longest river? Nile River
  • Asia’s longest river? Yangtze River
  • Nuskh Hai Wafa written by? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  • First Asian to get a Nobel Prize was for achievement in which field?
  • French who refused to accept Noble Prize in literature?
  • Gorbachev’s ‘Glasnost’ revolution meant? Openness in Foreign Policy
  • India Wins Freedom is written by? Abdul Kalam Azad
  • Kigali is the capital of which country?
  • Senegal capital? Dakar
  • Algeria currency?
  • Peso is currency of which country/countries?
  • Austria currency?
  • Cambodia currency?
  • Argentina currency?
  • City called ‘Gateway of the East’? Beirut
  • City known as City of Canals?
  • City known as Brasilia of Pakistan? Islamabad
  • Country known as the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’?
  • County known as the ‘Land of the White Elephants’?
  • Broadway Street is famous for?
  • Who won the French Revolution of 1805?
  • Napoleon was defeated by?
  • Who was Treasury’s candidate for Deputy Chairman Senate election Pakistan 2021?
  • When was Senate election of Pakistan 2021 held for Chairman & Deputy Chairman?
  • Who was the opposition’s candidate for Chairman Senate election 2021?
  • By how many votes was Hafeez Skiekh defeated by Yousaf Raza Gillani?
  • When was vote if no confidence held against Prime Minister Imran Khan?
  • Who is the current PM of Palestine?
  • Who is the current President of China?
  • What is the new name for the country Burma?
  • Who was the first President of the United States of America?
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport is located in which city?
  • Who is the current speaker of the KP assembly?
  • Durand line separates which two countries?
  • What do the red Blood Cells carry?
  • Does Red Cross symbol mean?
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia?
  • Capital of Turkey?
  • European Union currency?

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