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Names Description
17th Parallel Between North & South Vietnam (before the two reunited in 1976)
20th Parallel North Between Libya & Sudan
22th Parallel North Between Egypt & Sudan
24th Parallel Between India & Pakistan (Claimed by Pakistan, not recognized by India)
38th Parallel Between North & South Korea
49th Parallel Between USA & Canada
Durand Line Between Pakistan & Afghanistan by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1896
Hinderberg Line Between Germany & Poland
LoC (Line of Control) Between Pakistani & Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir
McMohan Line Between India & Tibet/China by Sir Henry McMohan in 1914
Maginot Line Between France & Germany
Mannerheim Line Between Russia & Finland
Oder Neisse Line Between Germany & Poland
Radcliffe Line Between India & Pakistan by Sir Cyril Radcliffe in 1947
Siegfrid Line Between France & Germany