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Ministry of Defence MOD 2021 Descriptive Test for AD Research and Analysis

You will get here, Ministry of Defence MOD 2021 Descriptive Test for AD Research and Analysis conducted today 31st July, 2021 (31/07/2021).MOD 2021 AD Research and Analysis

100 marks 2 hours
Part 1                             40 marks
1 Precis about Space Travel
2. Question: Analyse the prospect of commercialization of Space, its impacts and challenges. (No where was “Essay” mentioned so u could answer it like a normal question)

Part 2: Select one Section and answer all questions of that section only                         60 marks

Section A: Electronics

3. Thermal Throttle of GPU
4. What is output if you give the same volt inverting and non inverting input of Op amp. How to get desired output?
5. Draw Common Emitter Amplifier and explain its working
6. List the paraments when using AC and DC applications
7. Lagging and Leading Power factor. How to reduce, compensate
8. What is the ripple factor. How to reduce it. Formula

Section B: Telecommication/Satellite


Section C: Computer Programming / Operating System

1. What is difference bw Function overloading and function overriding
2. What is difference between system program and application program from programmers point of view
3. What is abstract class
4. Who to know that a system in deadlock state or it is starved
5. What data structure is used in Recursion and why is it used

Section D: Hacking something

six questions

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