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Ministry of Defence MOD (BS-17) 2019 Solved Past Papers MCQs

Here, you will have Ministry of Defence MOD (BS-17) 2019 Solved Past Papers MCQs. These MCQs were collected at various platforms from those candidates who were appeared in the Ministry of Defence MOD Pakistan. This test was conducted on November 17, 2019. Therefore, please correct the wrong questions in the following MCQs and also provide the answers for the unattempted questions. Furthermore, You can also download these Ministry of Defence (MOD) (BS-17) Past Papers in pdf, download PDF link is given at the end of this page.

Ministry of Defence MOD (BS-17) 2019 Solved Past Papers MCQs
Ministry of Defence MOD frequently asked questions mcqs

NOTICE: Please note that these Current affairs MCQs are dynamic in nature, therefore, facts and figures can be changed at any moment. So, it is a humble request if there is a need for an update. Please, comment in the box below 🙂

Ministry of Defence MOD (BS-17) 2019 Solved Past Papers MCQs

1. FLOWER A, FLOWER B, FLOWER C and FLOWER D are four different categories of flowers distinguished according to their blooming seasons, such that:
FLOWER A and FLOWER B bloom in winter and summer.
FLOWER C and FLOWER D bloom in autumn and spring.
FLOWER B and FLOWER C bloom in spring and winter.
FLOWER A and FLOWER D bloom in summer and autumn.

I. Which flower/s bloom(s) in autumn, winter and summer?


II. The flower which blooms in autumn, winter and spring is:


III. The flower which blooms in spring, winter and summer is:


IV. The flower which does not bloom in spring is:


V. The flower which does not bloom in summer is:


VI. Which flower/s bloom(s) in spring and summer both?

D. Both B and D

2.Genesis, Anthracite, Diamond, Slate are common examples of which type of rocks? Metamorphic Rocks
3.The properties (porosity) of _______________ rocks decreases with the depth. Sedimentary Rocks
4.Which of the following is a cold current? Benguela Current in the South Atlantic
5.The term Geography was coined for first time by Greek scholar ____________ in 234BC. Eratosthenes
6.The Great Barrier Reef is located in the _____________? Pacific Ocean
7.There are ___________ themes in Geography. Five
8.The Royal Geographical Society was founded in 1830
9.Who is the United States Security Adviser to President Donald Trump?Robert OBrien
10.The writer of Globalization of World Politics is ___________ and Steven Smith. John Baylis
11.Who is the Principal Founder of the discipline of Peace and Conflict Studies?Johan Vincent Galtung
12. Pakistan nuclear stance is _________ which entirely deterrent in nature A. the first use option B. as the second user state C. nothing specific D. never will use in war
12. Who developed realism into a comprehensive international relations theory? Hnas J. Morgenthau
13. Prime Minister of Pakistan presented a report to the constituent assembly on October 7th 1951 which is known as : A. Bogras Formula B. Pakistan Formula C. Constitutional Formula D. Objective Resolution
14. As children begin their elementary school years, they enter Eriksons stage of: Industry versus Inferiority
15. One of the main criticism of Freudian psychoanalytic theory is that it: Focuses too much attention on sexual conflicts and fixations
16. Which of the following research method DOES NOT allow drawing conclusions regarding causality in research? A. Experimental research B. Correlation research C. Case studies D. Surveys
17. Which of the following is NOT considered as an altered state of consciousness? A. Sleep B. Hypnosis C. Meditation D. Exercise
18. Which of the following statements best illustrates Maslows esteem need?

A. Going to a gym three days a week to improve your health
B. Donating a large sum of money to charity
C. Getting married to your high school class fellow
D. Going to university to earn a masters degree in counselling

19. FATA KP merger realized in which month and year? 28 May 2018
20. Eighteen (18TH) Amendment is related to? Power of President to dissolve National Assembly under Article 58(2)(b) was diminished
21. Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan during 1971 war? Mr. Noor-ul-Amin
22. Who is the Chairman of Kashmir Committee? Syed Fakhar Imam
23. Who was the National Security Advisory during previous PML(N) Government? Lt. Gen(R) Naseer Janjua
24. Who used Cricket Diplomacy? Gen Zia ul Haq
25. Who said “we will fight thousand years for Kashmir”? Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
26. Article 370 in Indian Constitution is related to? Kashmir (In paper there was also an option “Kashmir and Ladak” (I am not sure about this option whether Ladakh is part of Article 370 or not)
27. When did the Congress accept the Muslim demand for Separate Electorates for the first time? December 1916
28. Number of Total seats in Senate after FATA merger in 25th Amendment? 96
29. Who is Current captain of Pakistan Cricket Team? Babar Azam
30. China objected to the repealing of Article 370 because it claims over? Ladakh
31. Ormuri Langugae is spoken by which Pashtun Tribe in Pakistan? Burki
32. Which country advised Arab countries to pressurize US and ISRAEL by boycotting oil output? Saudia Arabia (Not Sure)
33. First battle between East India Company and locals was? Battle of Plassey
34. Shiekh Ahmad Sarhindi refused to bow down before which Mughal Emperor? Jehangir (Sheikh Ahmad refused to prostrate before him, as result of which he was imprisoned at Gwalior Fort for two years until the Emperor realized his mistake)
35. Gomal Zam Dam is located in which District? South Waziristan
36. Largest District of Pakistan by Area? District Chaghi
37. “Pakistan, A Hard Country” is written by? Anatol Lieven
38. Indus Water Treaty was signed in? The Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) was signed in Karachi on September 19, 1960 by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and then President of Pakistan Ayub Khan.
39. Idea of Separate Homeland was first adopted in? 1940 (Not Sure)
40. Which Indian Leader suggested the separate Muslim State long before Muslim League?
41. US Constitution adopted in which year? 1787
42. No. of US Electoral College? 538
43. Vietnam War ended in which year? April 30, 1975
44. Word “Jurisprudence” is derived from which word? The word jurisprudence derives from the Latin term juris prudentia
45. “Short History of Saracens” Book by Syed Ameer Ali, is a history of? Arab Muslims (Saracen (خانہ بدوش) is a nomad of the Syrian and Arabian desert at the time of the Roman Empire, member of any of the nomadic tribes on the Syrian borders of the Roman Empire)
46. Which UNGA Session was addressed by Prime Minister Imran Khan? 74th
47. Three Countries that expressed concern over occupation of Kashmir? Malaysia , Turkey and China
48. Next G-20 summit will be held in? Saudi Arabia
49. Amazon Forest Type? Tropical Rainforest
50. Autism and Drug Addiction can be treated by which therapy?
51. Zakat on Goats? From 40 to 120: one she-goat
52. Jafar bin Tayyar (R.A) was martyred in which battle? The Battle of Mu’tah.
53. Best Food according to The Holy Quran? Date (I am not sure as FIG was also the option)
54. Which Companion of The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H is mentioned in The Holy Quran? Zayd bin Harith
55. For how many years Hazrat Haleema took care of The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H? Six (6) Years
56. Takht-i-Bahi belongs to which civilization? Gandhara Civilization
57. Synonym for Fend? Meaning is To assume responsibility & defend oneself from a blow. List of Synonyms for Fend : bulwark, cover, defend, fence, forfend, guard, keep, protect, safeguard, screen, secure, shield, ward. Words Related to fend. avert, prevent. oppose, resist, withstand.
58. In the seven-layer OSI model of computer networking, the fifth layers is? The session layer
59. What is Kinetic Military Action? Kinetic military action is a euphemism for military action involving active warfare, including lethal force. The phrase is used to contrast between conventional military force and “soft” force, including diplomacy, sanctions and cyber warfare.
60. Article 16 of Pakistan’s Qanun-e-Shahadat, An accomplice shall be a competent witness against an accused person, except? In the case of an offence punishable with Hadd
61. Why Kashmir issue is not discussed in SAARC?
62. Treaty of Westphalia? The Peace of Westphalia (German: Westfälischer Friede) was a series of peace treaties signed between May and October 1648 in the Westphalian cities of Osnabrück and Münster, largely ending the European wars of religion, including the Thirty Years’ War.
63. Numismatist : Coins and Philatelist is ? Stamps
64. CPEC is agreement of? A collection of infrastructure
65. High unemployment and rate of inflation is inversely relationship to each other is? Phillips curve (The Phillips curve is an economic concept developed by A. W. Phillips stating that inflation and unemployment have a stable and inverse relationship.)
66. Low rate of interest and high saving is a condition of? Liquidity Trap (A liquidity trap is a situation in which interest rates are low and savings rates are high, rendering monetary policy ineffective.)
67. Having one job and moving to other or having no job and searching one, expresses? Frictional Unemployment
68. Moving of highly skilled people from a country, called? Brain Drain

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