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  • The Killer mountain is the other name for?

A. Godwin Austin
B. K-2
C. Nanga Parbat
D. Mount Everest

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Nanga Parbat, locally known as Diamer, is the 9th highest mountain in the world.

Height: 8,126 m above sea level
Location: Himalayas Range, Diamer district, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

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  • The second highest mountain peak in the world, ‘Goodwin Austin or K2’ is located in:

A. Nepal
B. Bhutan
C. Pakistan
D. Afghanistan

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  • Pontic (or Parhar) Mountains are present in which country?

A. Russia
B. Turkey
C. Egypt
D. Nepal

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  • Marghalla Hills are a part of which mountain range?

A. Karakoram
B. Hindukush
C. Himalayas
D. Western Ghats

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  • The pass which connects Pakistan with China is known as:

A. Khojak Pass
B. Khunjerab Pass
C. Shandur Pass
D. Peiwas Kotal Pass

The Khunjerab Pass is the highest paved international border crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakorum Highway, connecting Hunza-Nazar District, Gilgit Baltistan on southwest border of Xinjiang region of China. It was decided in 1966 and completed in 1982.

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  • The Lady Finger (also Bubli Motin) Peak is located in:

A. Nepal
B. China
C. Pakistan (6000m, in Karakoram range)
D. India

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  • The Soan (or Swan or Sohanor Sawan) Valley is the site of an ancient civilization and is situated in:

A. Balochistan plateau
B. Pothohar plateau
C. Azad Kashmir
D. Northern Areas

Asst AH-18

  • Where is Koh-e-Adam (Landing footprint of Hazrat Adam (A.S)?

A. India
B. Turkey
C. Egypt
D. Sri Lanka


  • Where is Koh-e-Judi (Landing point of Hazrat Nooh (A.S) boat)?

A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Turkey
D. Saudi Arabia