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One Word Substitution for CSS, PMS & Tehsildar 2022 Exams

Here, you will have some most important One Word Substitution for CSS, PMS & Tehsildar 2022 Exams which are always asked in these kinds of exams. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to cover them right now. You can also download these One Word Substitution of English categories, download button is given at the end of this document.


ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-1 (1 to 100)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-2 (101 to 200)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-3 (201 to 300)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-4 (301 to 400)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-5 (401 to 500)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-6 (501 to 600)

Compulsory Sub MCQs

 For Right Answers, first at least GO THROUGH all these MCQs

English Grammar MCQs written on a paper
English Grammar MCQs

List of One Word Substitution

Through which light cannot pass?

A. Dull
B. Dark
C. Obscure
D. Opaque

A leady who remains unmarried?

A. Bachelor
B. Misanthrope
C. Spinster
D. None of these

The original inhabitants of a Country.

A. Aborigines
B. Citizens
C. Natives
D. Primitive

A group of birds or a flock flying together in hundreds or even in thousands is called?

A. Startling
B. Murmuration
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

One who lacks knowledge?

A. Intelligent
B. Ignorant
C. Credulous
D. Colleague

A part of a word that can be pronounced separately?

A. Particle
B. Sibilant
C. Syllable
D. Letter

One who travels from place to place?

A. Itinerant
B. Mendicant
C. Journeyman
D. Tramp

The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is known as?

A. Cuckold
B. Despotism
C. Plagiarism
D. Epicure

A person who talks in his/her sleep is known as?

A. Bourgeois
B. ventriloquist
C. Somniloquist
D. None of these

Secretly listening to a conversation is called?

A. Eavesdrop
B. Overhearing
C. Pigeonholing
D. Spying

A disease that is liable to be transmitted to people through the environment is known as?

A. Contagious
B. Infectious
C. Fatal
D. Incurable

A disease spreading from one person or organism to another by contact is known as?

A. Contagious
B. Infectious
C. Unanimous
D. Fatal

Something that is hard but liable to break easily is known as?

A. Brittle
B. Flexible
C. Resilient
D. Supple


The action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats is known as?

A. Coercion
B. Conviction
C. Confession
D. Cajolement

A narrow piece of land connecting two large masses of land is known as?

A. Gulf
B. Isthmus
C. Peninsula
D. Continent

Government by a small group of all powerful persons is known as?

A. Dictatorship
B. Monarchy
C. Oligarchy
D. Anarchy

A person who helps another commit a crime is known as?

A. Accomplice
B. Amateur
C. Cuckold
D. Changeling

A sad poem usually written to praise and express sorrow for someone who is dead is known as?

A. Elegy
B. Oad
C. Sestina
D. Epic

A long poem narrating achievements of a hero or legendary figures is known as?

A. Epic
B. Elegy
C. Ode
D. Sestina

A form of written language for blind people is known as?

A. Braille
B. Elysium
C. Epicure
D. Arson

A medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison is known as?

A. antidote
B. antitoxin
C. Adderall
D. A & B

One who eats everything indiscriminately is known as?

A. Albumen
B. Adept
C. Omnivorous
D. Amphibian

One who is present everywhere is known as?

A. Omnipotent
B. Omniscient
C. Omnipresent
D. None of the above

Something which is incapable of being seen through is known as?

A. Non-transparent
B. Blurred
C. Opaque
D. All of the above

Something which is capable of being seen through is known as?

A. Opaque
B. Coarse
C. Ambiguous
D. Transparent

One who is unable to pay debts owed is known as?

A. Foreclosed
B. Insolvent
C. Bankrupt
D. All of the above

A person who collects or has a great love of books is known as?

A. Bibliophile
B. Pluviophile
C. Cosmopolitan
D. Changeling

Forcing someone to make payment for not revealing discreditable secrets is known as?

A. Blackmail
B. Despotism
C. Assassin
D. Elysium

The offence of marrying someone while already married to another person is known as?

A. Bigamy
B. Coupe
C. Bigot
C. Biped

A large enclosure for confining birds is known as?

A. Aviary
B. Columbary
C. Volary
D. All of the above

Items of business to be considered at a meeting is called?

A. Agenda
B. Bulletin
C. Elysium
D. Epicture

A Game which no one wins called?

A. Tie
B. Draw
C. loss
D. toss

the killing of one’s mother called?

A. matricide
B. parricide
C. regicide
D. patricide

killing of a large group of people called?

A. filicide
B. fratricide
C. genocide
D. homicide

A community of people smaller than a village

A. hamlet
B. aviary
C. apiary
D. none of these

A person who is controlled by wife called

A. Henpeck
B. Connoisseur
C. Somnambulist
D. None of these

A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc. is called as?

A. Cellar
B. Sty
C. Pen
D. Lair

” Infallible ” refers to the one who is free from all?

A. cares & worries
B. cares & failures
C. mistakes & failures
D. Worries & troubles

Action of killing King is called?

A. regicide
B. suicide
C. patricide
D. parricide

Fear of closed places:

A. Claustrophobia
B. Misogynist
C. Ambidextrous
D. Philanthropy

Having a tendency to break the law to do socially unacceptable things is?

A. delinquent
B. frank
C. juvenile
D. guilty

One who criticizes popular beliefs which he/she thinks is a mistake or unwise is?

A. philistine
B. iconoclast
C. imposter
D. cannibal

Practice of employing spies in war is?

A. esplande
B. espadrille
C. estrangement
D. espionage

A broad road bordered with trees is?

A. boudoir
B. boulevard
C. avenue
D. façade

Detaining and confining someone is?

A. interruption
B. interrogation
C. internment
D. intermittent

One who offers his service without charging for it is?

A. philanderer
B. volunteer
C. mercenary
D. missionary

A place where a lot people go on holiday or vacation is?

A. casino
B. beach
C. resort
D. museum

The act of giving up sovereign power is?

A. relinquish
B. renounce
C. abdicate
D. resign

Violation of something holy or sacred is?

A. profanity
B. sedition
C. sacrilege
D. slander

Living at the same time is?

A. concurrent
B. contemporary
C. coincident
D. concomitant

Branch of medicine dealing with the health and care of old people is?

A. obstetrics
B. pediatrics
C. calisthenics
D. geriatrics

The time when two people have a romantic relationship before they get married is?

A. snobbery
B. courtship
C. estrangement
D. polyphony

That never fails is?

A. irrelevant
B. infallible
C. indelible
D. inaudible


An odd, a typical or eccentric trait is?

A. harangue
B. hyperbole
C. idiosyncrasy
D. elegy

A dogmatic person is?

A. nomadic
B. elite
C. zealot
D. swashbuckler

A cluster of house in village is?

A. fleet
B. hamlet
C. monument
D. constellation

A noisy and bombastic speech addressed to a large assembly is?

A. rhetoric
B. cacophony
C. harangue

Hard to understand is?

A. punctilious
B. obtuse
C. absurd
D. abstruse

The study of ancient writings is?

A. annals
B. paleographic
C. calligraphy
D. archeology

One who promotes the idea of absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself is?

A. agnostic
B. Iconoc
C. belligerent
D. anarchist

Responsible according to law is?

A. eligible
B. legitimate
C. legalised
D. liable

Which is bound to be done is?

A. soliloquy
B. sinecure
C. indelible
D. None of these

Matter written by hand is?

A. handwritten
B. manuscript
C. proof
D. amnesty

A statement that can have a double meaning is?

A. Verbose
B. Ambivalent
C. Epigraph
D. Ambiguous

Money paid to a man for his labour is?

A. sacrilege
B. rent
C. bunting
D. remuneration

A person who constantly thinks, he is sick is a?

A. hypochondriac
B. misogynist
C. misanthrope
D. hyperpitutiary


One who has obstinate and narrow religious views is ?

A. fanatic
B. theologian
C. bigot
D. egotist

Specialised in nose disease is?

A. rhinologist
B. philologist
C. endocrinologist
D. gerontologist

Animals who lives in herds are?

A. sociable
B. gregarious
C. carnivorous
D. social

An unexpected piece of good fortune is?

A. windfall
B. philanthrophy
C. benevolence
D. turnstile

An emolument over and above fixed income or salary is?

A. honorarium
B. sinecure
C. prerogative
D. perquisite

The doctor known as an eye-specialist is?

A. orthodontist
B. orthopedist
C. ophthalmologist
D. obstetrician

The practice of pretending to have feelings that one does not really have is?

A. treachery
B. villainy
C. hypocrisy
D. inundate

To run away with a lover is?

A. deceive
B. cheat
C. escape
D. elope

A system of government controlled by persons of high intellectual ability is?

A. oligarchy
B. democracy
C. meritocracy
D. theocracy

Young one of horse is?

A. piglet
B. lamb
C. calf
D. colt

One who does not follow the usual rules of social life is called ?

A. egoist
B. frank
C. bohemian
D. reveille

One who walks on ropes is called .

A. Aviator
B. Acrobat
C. Funambulist
D. Upholsterer

A person who wastes his money on luxury is ?

A. Luxuriant
B. Luxurious
C. Extravagant
D. Stingy

A doctor who treats children is called .

A. Pedophile
B. Fatalist
C. Pediatrician
D. Pedagogue

A person who is unable to pay his debts is called .

A. Borrower
B. Insolvent
C. Lender
D. Allen

Fear of heights is ?

A. Highphobia
B. Altophobia
C. Heliophobia
D. Acrophobia

An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play:

A. Sinecure
B. Soliloquy
C. Pessimist
D. Philanthropist

One who collects coins as hobby:

A. Philatelist
B. Ornithologist
C. Statistician
D. Numismatist

To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings:

A. Meditation
B. Retrospection
C. Reflection
D. Introspection

Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something:

A. Coercion
B. Conviction
C. Confession
D. Cajolement

A disease that spreads over a large area:

A. Academic
B. Epidemic
C. Incorrigible
D. Invincible

That which can never be believed:

A. Irrevocable
B. Inevitable
C. Incredible
D. Irritable

One who able to use the right and left hands equally well:

A. Sinister
B. Ambidextrous
C. Ambivalent
D. Amateur

Government by rich:

A. Oligarchy
B. Aristocracy
C. Pantisocracy
D. Plutocracy

An independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute:

A. Arbiter
B. Mediator
C. Agent provocateur
D. Arbitrator

One who has good taste for food:

A. Gourmet
B. Curator
C. Parasite
D. Stoic

An unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage:

A. Spinster
B. Artist
C. Bachelor
D. Misanthrope


A pioneer of a reform movement:

A. Apostle
B. Apothecary
C. Apotheosis
D. Renegade

Custom of having many wives:

A. Misogamy
B. Bigamy
C. Polygamy
D. Monogamy

International destruction of racial groups:

A. Matricide
B. Regicide
C. Genocide
D. Homicide

A remedy for all diseases:

A. Narcotics
B. Antiseptic
C. Panacea
D. Lyric

A man who rarely speaks the truth:

A. Crook
B. Liar
C. Scoundrel
D. Hypocrite

A disease which spreads by contact:

A. Incurable
B. Infectious
C. Contagious
D. Fatal

A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasure of life:

A. Stoic
B. Sadist
C. Psychiatrist
D. Aristocrat

The murder of Brother:

A. Homicide
B. Regicide
C. Fratricide
D. Suicide

One who cannot easily pleased:

A. Cosmopolitan
B. Frightening
C. Fastidious
D. Feminist

A person who loves everybody:

A. Cosmopolitan
B. Fratricide
C. Altruist
D. Aristocrat

One who believes in the power of fate:

A. Fatalist
B. Optimist
C. Pessimist
D. Parsimonious

A sad song:

A. Ditty
B. Knell
C. Dirge
D. Lay

Story of old time gods or heroes is:

A. Lyric
B. Epic
C. Legend
D. Romance

A lady’s umbrella is:

A. Parasol
B. Granary
C. Epitaph
D. Aviary

Person who does not believe in the existence of God:

A. Theist
B. Heretic
C. Atheist
D. Fanatic

Commencement of words with the same letter:

A. Pun
B. Alliteration
C. Transferred epithet
D. Oxymoron

A hater of knowledge and learning:

A. Bibliophile
B. Philologist
C. Misogynist
D. Misologist

One who abandons his religious faith:

A. Apostate
B. Prostate
C. Profane
D. Agnostic

A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation:

A. Sceptic
B. Ascetic
C. Devotee
D. Antiquarian

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ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-1 (1 to 100)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-2 (101 to 200)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-3 (201 to 300)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-4 (301 to 400)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-5 (401 to 500)

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-6 (501 to 600)

Compulsory Sub MCQs

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A seasonally reverse wind is known as_____?

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One Word Substitution for CSS, PMS & Tehsildar 2022 Exams