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History of USA 2019 CSS Solved Mcqs

CSS 2019 History of USA MCQs full portion

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1. Thomas Jefferson wrote draft of the declaration of Independence in:

A. 1775
B. 1776
C. 1783
D. None of these

Ans: B

2. Who was the 42nd President of the USA?

A. George W. Bush
B. Bill Clinton
C. Richard Nixon
D. Ronald Reagan

Ans: B

3. Which American President initiated the concept of “Big Stick Diplomacy”?

A. T. Roosevelt
B. James Monroe
C. Franklin D. Roosevelt
D. Clinton

Ans: A

4. The presidency of which American president is known as the “Era of Good Feelings”?

A. Thomas Jefferson
B. G. Washington
C. James Monroe
D. None of these

Ans: C

5. The second state to ratify the Constitution of USA was:

A. Texas
B. Pennsylvania
C. New York
D. New Jersey

Ans: B


6. The first university established in the United States of America was the university of :

A. Virginia
B. Harvard
C. Oxford
D. None of these

Ans: B


7. The city which was the first capital of USA was:

A. New York
B. Philadelphia
C. California
D. None of these

Ans: B


8. Which country gifted the “Statue of Liberty” to USA?

A. France
B. Italy
C. Britain
D. Russia

Ans: A


9. USA purchased Louisiana from:

A. France
B. Spain
C. Mexico
D. None of these

Ans: A

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