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Pakistan Election Officer Commission Act 2017 MCQs – 11

Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs logo
Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs


to extend the hours of the poll the decision should be made at least_________ hours before the end of the poll.


A. 2 hrs

B. 3 hrs

C. 4 hrs

D. 5 hrs

if two independent candidates apply for the same symbol then that particular symbol shall allot to_________?


A. senior candidate

B. junior candidate

C. no one will get that symbol

D. none of the above

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A person may be nominated in the nomination papers in same constituency by not more than______ nomination papers.


A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 5

Election tribunal announce the decision_________ If a respondent does not appears before court hearing.


A. De. Parte

B. Ex parte

C. Ex. Sante

D. De sante

Notaries Ordinance 1961 means:


A. (XI of 1961)

B. (IX of 1961)

C. (X of 1961)

D. (XIX of 1961)

RO is bound to send the final result after the consolidation process to the commission within____________?


A. 24 hours

B. 48 hours

C. 72 hours

D. 8 hours

Overseas Pakistani means citizen of Pakistan under Pakistan citizenship act


A. II-1951

B. III-1951

C. II-1949

D. III-1949

A deposit may become non-refundable if a candidate fail to file an application within __________ from the date of declaration or cancellation.


A. 1 month

B. 2 month

C. 3 month

D. 1 month and 15 days

Not more than ________voters shall be assigned to a polling station?


A. 120(120per PS and 30per Booth)

B. 1000

C. 300

D. 60

Maintenance of order at the polling station comes under the duty of __________?


A. polling agent

B. election agent

C. returning officer

D. presiding officer

Recount of cast votes shall be made on the request of contesting candidates only


A. once

B. twice

C. thrice

D. as many times as candidate wants for his satisfaction

A candidate or an election agent may obtain a hard and searchable soft copy of the final electoral roll with photographs of the voters in accordance with section __________?


A. 77

B. 78

C. 79

D. 80 

If the variation in the dis-aggregated data of men and woman is more than _______ percent, the commission should take necessary measurement that includes ________ issuance of NIC


A. 6 , expedite

B. 7, cancel

C. 10, expediate

D. 9, stop

in order to contest election a candidate shall submit on form B the details of his assets and liabilities along with his spouse and children on _______day of June on form_________?


A. 1st June, form A

B. 25th June, form B

C. 30th June, form B

D. 15 June, form A


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