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Pakistan Election Officer Commission Act 2017 MCQs – Page 2

Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs logo
Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs

ECP may also undertake pilot projects for voting by Overseas Pakistanis.


A. Section 94

B. Section 98

C. Section 54

D. Section 77

All election-related documents including Statements of Count and Ballot Paper Accounts, except the ballot papers, shall be public documents and may be inspected or copies thereof obtained.


A. Section 100

B. Section 108

C. Section 198

D. Section 17 

ECP shall retain election-related documents in tamper-evident sealed bags in storage space under its control at appropriate places.


A. Section 99

B. Section 88

C. Section 79

D. Section 49

Alteration in Election Programme is mentioned in?


A. Section 57

B. Section 58

C. Section 59

D. Section 7 

 The office-bearers of a political party at the federal, provincial and local levels shall be elected periodically provided that a period, not exceeding five years, shall intervene between any two elections.


A. Section 178

B. Section 208

C. Section 238

D. Section 108

If an enlisted political party fails to comply with the provisions of the Act, it will be disentitled for allocation of symbol for the election.


A. Section 219

B. Section 319

C. Section 215

D. Section 197


Symbols allocated to the political parties and candidates should be visibly different from each other.


A. Section 217

B. Section 245

C. Section 273

D. Section 289


A political party shall submit to the ECP annual financial statement and list of donors who have donated Rs. 100,00and above to the political party.


A. Section 211

B. Section 267

C. Section 365

D. Section 314


The ECP may, in consultation with political parties, frame a Code of Conduct for political parties , contesting candidates, election agents and polling agents. The Commission may also frame a Code of Conduct for security personnel, media and election observers.


A. Section 233

B. Section 235

C. Section 243

D. Section 238

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A candidate may file an election petition directly with the Election Tribunal.


A. Section 92

B. Section 192

C. Section 242

D. Section 142

Return of election expenses shall be scrutinized by the ECP.


A. Section 206

B. Section 312

C. Section 136

D. Section 213

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