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Pakistan Election Officer Commission Act 2017 MCQs – 5

Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs logo
Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs

The ECP shall conduct training programs for election officials and take measures to promote public awareness regarding laws and best practices


A. Section 9

B. Section 6

C. Section 8

D. Section 7

Some degree of accountability of the ECP has also been built into the Elections Act, 2017; the ECP is now required to submit an annual report within 9days after the end of every calendar year that will be laid in each house of the parliament and each provincial assembly.


A. Section 19

B. Section 24

C. Section 29

D. Section 16

A post-election review of the implementation of the Action Plan shall be included in the next annual report of the ECP.


A. Section 24

B. Section 14

C. Section 27

D. Section 31

ECP shall delimit constituencies after every census.


A. Section 35

B. Section 89

C. Section 73

D. Section 17

Variation of population amongst constituencies in the same Assembly from the same province or territory has been restricted to 10%.


A. Section 89

B. Section 26

C. Section 73

D. Section 20

“Conduct of elections to the local governments” is the title of ____________ in Election Act 2017?


A. Chapter XIII

B. Chapter XII

C. Chapter VII

D. Chapter XI

“Allocation of symbol” is the title of ____________ in Election Act 2017?


A. Chapter XII

B. Chapter XI

C. Chapter XV

D. Chapter XIV

Chapter XIV of the Elections Act 2017 deals with?


A. Caretaker government

B. Allocation of symbols

C. Election commission of Pakistan

D. Conduct of election to the senate

‘Miscellaneous’ is title for which chapter of the Elections Act 2017?


A. Chapter XV

B. Chapter XII

C. Chapter XIV

D. Chapter XIII

The qualifications and disqualifications for a person to be elected or chosen or to remain a Member of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) or a Provincial Assembly shall be such as are provided in Articles 62 and 63.


A. Section 223

B. Section 231

C. Section 221

D. Section 232

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