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  • If some students are not able to follow, the teachers should:

A. Give them prompt
B. Illustrate with examples
C. Make the matter easy
D. None of these

♦ Credit To: Tahir Naeem ♦

  • If some students fail in the examination, it is the fault is:

A. The teacher
B. The principal
C. Pupils themselves
D. Textbooks

♦ Credit To: Umair Bajwa ♦

  • The very first teacher of a child is his/her:

A. School teacher
B. Friends
C. Parents
D. Peer groups

♦ Credit To: Mansoor Alam ♦

  • The first learning center for a child is:

A. Home
B. School
C. Society
D. None of these

♦ Credit To: Mansoor Alam ♦

  • If there is no receive, there is no:

A. Media
B. Message
C. Sender
D. Communication

♦ Credit To: Maira Akram ♦

  • Exchange of ideas between two or more persons is:

A. Listening
B. Telling
C. Communication
D. Understanding

♦ Credit To: Zain Mehmood ♦

  • Articulatory Phonetics deal with the way how speech sounds are:

A. Used
B. Classified
C. Received
D. Produced

♦ Credit To: Taimoor Ali ♦

  • Phonetics is the study of:

A. Phrases
B. Speech sounds
C. Words
D. Letters

♦ Credit To: Taimoor Ali ♦

  • A Portfolio is a collection of:

A. Office work
B. Student work
C. Teacher work
D. School work

♦ Credit To: Amir Naeem ♦

  • Which is NOT the step of the scientific method?

A. Interview
B. Prediction
C. Experiment
D. Observation

♦ Credit To: Ahmad Saeed ♦