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  • Shah Waliullah belongs to Silsila?

A. Naqshbandia
B. Suharwardia
C. Awaisia
D. None of above

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  • What was the real name of Pir Sahib Manki Sharif (1923-1960)?

A. Hassan Ali
B. Mukhtar Ali
C. Amin-ul-Hasanat
D. Abdul Haiee

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  • Where is Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Aulia (1238 – 1325) buried?

A. Ajmer Sharif
B. Dehli
C. Multan
D. None of above

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Order (Chisti): Moinuddin Chisti (1142-1236 Ajmer Sharif)  > Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki (1173-1235 Dehli) > Fariduddin Ganjshakar (1179-1266 Pakpattan) > Nizam-ud-din Auliya (1238-1325 Dehli).

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  • Who is Amr Moussa?

A. Head of ICI
B. Head of Arab League
C. Head of IE
D. None of above

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Amr Moussa is an Egyptian politician and diplomat who was the Secretary-General of the Arab League, a 22-member forum representing Arab states, from 1 June 2001 to 1 June 2011.

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  • General Dyer is known for

A. Jallianwala Massacre
B. Patriotism
C. Bravery
D. Anti-Indian Policies

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Also known as Amritsar Massacre, took place on 13 April 1919 when troops of the British Indian Army under command of Colonel Reginald Dyer fired rifles into a crowd of Indians, killing 1,000 people, who had gathered in Jallianwala Bagh for a peaceful protest to condemn the arrest and deportation of two national leaders, Dr Satya Pal and Saifuddin Kitchlew.

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  • Socrates belonged to?

A. Egypt
B. Roman Empire
C. Greece
D. Iran

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  • Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at:

A. Bait-ul-Muqadus, Jerusalem
B. Tehran, Iran
C. Qom, Iran
D. Baghdad, Iraq

Asst AH-18

  • Imam Ghazali was born and died (1058-1111) in which city of Iran?

A. Qom
B. Tous
C. Mashhad
D. Nishapur

AD Labour Welfare-17

  • When for the first time in the world, was human heart transplant conducted?

A. 3 Dec 1967 (by South African surgeon, Christaan Neethling Barnard)
B. 3 Dec 1969
C. 3 Dec 1975
D. 3 Dec 1970


  • Bill Gates along with his wife run a Philanthropic Foundation (named Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). What is the name of his wife?

A. Ivana
B. Michelle
C. Melinda
D. Elizabeth

Asst AH-18