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PMS English Precis and Composition paper 2022

Do you look for pms precis paper 2022? Here, you will find Today (23-06-2022) pms English composition paper 2022. This is the PMS Punjab paper of English precis and composition paper 2022.

Get  [Solved] PMS Punjab English Precis Paper 2023

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English precis and composition paper 2022

PMS-2022 English precis and composition paper 2021
PMS-2022 English precis and composition paper 2021

English precis and composition paper 2022 – page# 2

PMS-2021 English precis and composition paper-2 conducted in 2022
PMS-2021 English precis and composition paper-2 conducted in 2022

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SOLUTION OF PMS Punjab English Precis and Composition paper 2022

Q.No.1 Write a paragraph of 200 words on any ONE of the following topics:
(20 Marks)

  1. The role of NCOC in combatting Covid 19.
  2. Pleasures of reading
  3. The role of print journalism in the age of social media
  4. Optimism in life

The role of NCOC in combatting Covid 19

The NCOC which stands for National Command and Operation Centre was established on March 27, 2020. It has a major role to keep the nation updated on the Covid-19 related figures. The NCOC holds daily meetings, which are attended by Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives. Moreover, it has the representation of all the provinces and administrative units. The coronavirus strain behind Covid-19 was first detected in China in December 2019 and then started spreading to other countries. After many Covid-19 cases were in neighbouring countries, Pakistan closed its borders and took a number of steps with help of NCOC to stop the transmission.

The National Command and Operation Centre has been the nerve centre for the country’s anti-Covid measures. Constituted by the PTI government in April 2020, it has evolved into a forum that is recognised for its success in combating the pandemic. we can learn from NCOC in order to get better results in our national endeavours: NCOC managed to create an environment in which political rivals sat together and worked together like normal people. No shouting, no bickering and no leg-pulling. Thus, the NCOC was successful in bringing aboard the provincial leadership to work in tandem. (200 Words)

Civil-military done right can work well. In a regime dubbed as ‘hybrid’ NCOC was an outlier in terms of how hybrid does not have to be a failed experiment. Respect the power of data. NCOC was brutally honest with data and depended primarily on it to make decisions. Continuity of command. From the day it was first constituted till today NCOC has not had a change in leadership. NCOC managed to speed up processes and procedures that would in normal times take an eternity.

NCOC messaging had a major impact on how society began to follow social distancing and mask-wearing through all media platforms and other ways like phone ringtone messages. It showed that a strong central platform can knit the federating units together without disturbing the devolution of powers. NCOC brought in the specialists to advise the leadership and they made good decisions. To sum up, It has proved to be a model worth replicating in various departments for specific challenges like that of COVID-19. (200+166=366 Words)

Q.No.2 Use any Ten of the following idiomatic expressions in sentences to make their meaning clear. (10 Marks)

  1. go cold turkey
  2. jump the gun
  3. soften the blow
  4. like two peas in a pod
  5. up to the minute
  6. hook, line and sinker
  7. treasure trove
  8. dead ringer
  9. be over the moon
  10. in a pickle
  11. hit the hay
  12. take a rain check

a. go cold turkey

It means the abrupt and complete cessation of taking a drug to which one is addicted

 He had to go cold turkey.

b. jump the gun

It means act before the proper or appropriate time.

He jumped the gun before setting point at his aim.

c. soften the blow

It means making it easier to cope with a difficult change or upsetting news

The monetary compensation by IMF was offered to soften the blow in Pakistan.

d. like two peas in a pod

It means something similar, resembling, comparable

The twin daughters are like two peas in a pod

e. up to the minute

It means up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date

Please forget about the result, it is NOT up to the minute

f. hook, line and sinker

It means In every detail, entirely, without reservations.

I need hook, line and sinker of that accident.

g. treasure trove

Any collection of valuables that is discovered

Her book was a treasure trove of new ideas

h. dead ringer

A person who is almost identical to another or a clone

Her beauty knows no limit, it seems that she is a dead ringer of late mother.

i. be over the moon

It means extremely happy or delighted.

I am over the moon after observing her beauty.

j. in a pickle

It means a difficult situation

I am in a pickle after taking the decision to marry her.

k. hit the hay

It means to go to bed.

She Said, “Stop day-dreaming, take rest and hit the hay before it gets too late.”

j. take a rain check

Politely refusing an offer, with the implication that one may accept it at a later date

I can’t make it tonight, but I’d like to take a rain check until I become more stable .

Q.No.3 Write an application to the Medical Superintendent of your district hospital for the insufficient supply of medicine in the emergency ward. (10 Marks)
Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the role of electronic media in creating awareness about the moral and social values in our society.

Civil Lines

23rd June 2022

The Editor
Dawn News

Subject: highlighting the role of electronic media in creating awareness about the moral and social values in our society


With great admiration and belief in the columns of your newspaper, I seek to bring your kind attention to the moral and social values in our society. Indeed, Electronic Media has the power to influence individual beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. In many areas, people get educated through the electronic media where they get to learn many things about politics, religion, culture and the outside environment from media.

The issue I wish to highlight is that the word ‘moral’ has been lost somewhere in the changing values of society. The current lifestyles of the people have made their desires more materialistic, financial and career development. This leads to lesser interaction between people to people contact and more touch with modern appliances. Ethics are an important part of human nature and our society. However, just like everything in life, ethics and the moral conduct of people have also changed with time now.

Over the past few decades, with the advancement in technology and the many transformations that came in our way of living, the human heart and mind have also evolved now. They have become so insensitive and compassionless that they hurt people not only with their actions but through their words too. People tend to spend more time on digital gadgets than with friends and family members. So, it is high time to educate and aware them of their moral and social values in the best possible way. Mass Media is a good source to update the people about the great and civilized nations.

Hence, through the pages of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to appeal to the people of our country to refrain from such a code of conduct. Humans by nature are very esteemed and good creatures. That is why they have given the title of “Ashraful Makhlooqat”. Humans are Ashraful-Makhlokhat or the superior-most of all species because they have the power of reasoning and to choose their path of conduct. Moreover, humans are considered the most complex and advanced creations not because of their superiority of conduct but because of their ability to think, observe and select their path of conduct. So, it is high time for Electronic Media to play its true and pivotal role while reminding human beings of their natural codes of conduct. Moral experiences and values must be shared through this platform again and again to amend this society.

Thanking you in anticipation
Yours sincerely,

Q.No.4 Write the antonyms of the following words. (5 Marks)

a. Fiasco (A disastrous or embarrassing failure)

The Antonyms of Fiasco are triumph, victory, positive result, luck, fortune, prosperity, happiness, fame, eminence, completion, achievement, accomplishment, realization, attainment, fulfilment

b. Sapient (Acutely insightful and wise)

The Antonyms of Sapient are boring, uninteresting, unexciting, flat, dreary, monotonous, stereotyped, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, stultifying, uneventful, humdrum, unimaginative,

c. Dainty (Delicately small and pretty)

The Antonyms of Dainty are gross, clumsy, unwieldy, unpalatable, unmanageable, inconvenient, awkward, clumsy, ungainly, bulky, massive, hefty, hulking, weighty, ponderous, cumbersome

d. Arduous (involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring)

The Antonyms of Arduous are simple, effortless, uncomplicated, undemanding, straightforward, foolproof, manageable, painless, natural, relaxed, carefree, easy-going, comfortable, informal, calm, natural, leisurely, casual

e. Mitigate (lessen or try to lessen the seriousness or extent of something)

The Antonyms of Mitigate are: increase, raise, boost, add to, improve, enhance, advance, further, step up, intensify, strengthen, heighten, develop, build up, accumulate, enlarge, magnify, broaden, widen, deepen, extend, prolong, expand, spread, breed,

Q.No.5 Change the narration of any FIVE of the following sentences. (5 Marks)

1. The teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy.”
2. The professor said, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”
3. He said, “During the college days I took a morning walk daily.”
4. The peon said, “The principal was not in his office when the visitor came.”
5. The teacher said, “The class is going on a picnic tomorrow.”
6. My younger brother said, “I want new clothes.”
7. You said to him, “No, your brother did not come here yesterday.”
8. I said to him, “Sir, my book was stolen by somebody from my desk yesterday.”

  1. The teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy.”

The teacher said that Honesty is the best policy.

  1. The professor said, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

The Professor said that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

  1. He said, “During the college days I took a morning walk daily.”

He said that during his college days he took a morning walk daily.

  1. The peon said, “The principal was not in his office when the visitor came.”

The peon told that the principal was not in his office when the visitor came.

  1. The teacher said, “The class is going on a picnic tomorrow.”

The teacher informed that the class is going on a picnic the next day.

  1. My younger brother said, “I want new clothes.”

My younger brother requested that he wanted new clothes.

  1. You said to him, “No, your brother did not come here yesterday.”

You denied/told him that his brother had not come there the previous day.

  1. I said to him, “Sir, my book was stolen by somebody from my desk yesterday.”

I told him respectfully that my book had been stolen by somebody from desk the previous day.

Q.No.6 Change the voice of any FIVE of the following sentences. (5 Marks)

a. Do not pay him anything.
b. They will have caught the thief
c. I shall prove her innocence.
d. Lock the door.
e. I had rung the bell.
f. I bought two books.
g. He issued three tickets to them.

a. Do not pay him anything.

Let him not be paid anything

b. They will have caught the thief

The thief will have been caught by them

c. I shall prove her innocence.

Her innocence shall be proved by me

d. Lock the door.

Let the door be locked

e. I had rung the bell.

The bell had been rung by me

f. I bought two books.

Two books were bought by me

g. He issued three tickets to them.

They were issued three tickets by him

Q.No.7 Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

a. Huma is afraid   of   spiders.

b. How are you getting  on  at college?

c. He took the criticism  to  heart.

d. He sat  around  camp fire.

e. His bike skidded  on  the tree.

f. It was kind   of   you to help.

g. His company is greatly sought after

h. Few persons in the world die   from   over work.

i. Will you entrust me  with  that money.

j. A Junior cashier had absconded   with   ten thousand rupees.

Q.No.8 Make a précis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title. (20 Marks)

John Lock reflects the new situation in England more than ever when he goes on to argue
that the reason men come together to live in a society, with laws, is for the preservation of
their property. Since men are driven into society, it follows that the power of that society
‘can never be suffered to extend further than the common good. And this common good
can only be determined by standing laws, statues, that all are aware of and agree to, and
not by extemporary degrees of, say, an absolute sovereign. Moreover, these laws must be
administered ‘by indifferent and upright judges’. Only in this way can the people (and rulers)
knew where they are. In an important amendment to the idea of absolute monarchy, Lock
said that the king can never suspend the law. Finally, Lock gave voice to the main anxiety
of the rising commercial classes in England (fear of something which they saw happening
in France, in state intervention in trade), that no power can take from a man his property
without his consent. ‘A soldier may be commanded by a superior in all things, save the
disposal of his property. In the same way, a man has property in his own person, meaning
that a man’s labour is his property too. The most important consequence of this, Lock says
is that people can be taxed only with their consent. (We recognize this now in the doctrine
‘No taxation without representation.) [245 Words] “245/3=81”  


Property Laws & Society

According to John Lock’s arguments, men live in a society under certain laws and the Law of Property is one of them.
These laws keep the people in a society intact and authoritative. Such laws are administered by unbiased powerful judges.
They can never be modified by high power, not even the King. Thus, no power can snatch the property of a man by coercive means, however, he is reliable to pay a tax on his property with his consent. (80 Words)

Q.No.9 Translate the following Passage into English

اگر دنیا آپ کو اپنی طرف نہیں کھبنچتی ، اگر اللہ کے خوف سے آپکی آنکھوں میں آنسو آ جاتے ہیں،
اگر دوزخ کا تصور آپ میں خوف خدا پیدا کرتا ہے، اگر آپ الله کی عبادت اسطرح کرتے ہیں
جس طرح کرنی چاہیے، اگر نیکی آپ کو اپنی طرف راغب کرتی ہے اور آپ کے پاؤں برائی کے راستے پر جانے سے رک جاتے ہیں تو پھر آپ صالح ہیں. کچھ صالح ہوتے ہیں، کچھ صالح بنتے ہیں۔ صالح ہونا خوش قسمتی کی بات ہے۔ صالح بننا مسلسل تذکیہ اور مجاہدے کا عمل ہے. اس میں وقت لگتا
ا ہے اور تکلیفیں بھی سہنا پڑتی ہیں

If the world does not attract you, if the fear of ALLAH brings tears into your eyes, If the concept of Hell creates fear in you, if you worship God the way it should be, if virtue attracts you and your feet stop going on the path of evil, then you are righteous. Some are righteous, some become righteous. It is a good fortune to be righteous. It is a process of constant sanctification (purification) and struggle to become a righteous. It takes time and the sufferings have to be endured too.

We do not claim perfection, so all kinds of suggestions, corrections and critisims are welcome. Please comment if you found any mistake and want to update that.

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