PPSC History Female subject solved MCQs paper

Here, you will have PPSC History Female subject solved MCQs paper today (22/06/2021) held by Punjab Public Services Commission. These History past paper Mcqs are collected from members, therefore, some errors can be anticipated. Please, provide a correct answer if you can.

PPSC History Female subject solved MCQs paper

1: Asbab e Bagawtve Hind written by:Sir Syed
2: Now or Never : Ch Rehmat Ali
3: State Bank inaugurated :Quaid e Azam
4: 2nd battle of Panipat
5: battle of Train
6:First battle of pannipat b/w
7:last sikh guru: Gobbind singh
8: Banday Matram :Anandmath
9:congress Ministries :2years
10: silk road
11:world War I started in : 1914
12: jallianwala bagh tragedy :13April 1919
13: in Pakistan south: Arabian Sea
14: separation of east Pakistan :1971
15:urdu hondi controversy started in :Banaras
16:14 points presented by :Quaid e Azam
17:Allama iqbal Allah add adress in :1930
18: 2nd Pm of Pakistan : Nazim ud din
19:1st battle with quresh: Badr
20:Gupta dynasty founder: Chandra gupta
21:Founder of AINC: A.O Hume
22: MOA school founded by : Sir syed
23:Founder of Ummayds :Amir Muawiya
24: 1st ummayds in Spain :Abdur Rehman
25: Abaside capital :Baghdad
26:Hazrat Ali died :21st Ramzan
27: Ummayds capital :Damascus
28: Durand line: Pak Afghanistan
29: The world is full of sorrow :Siddhartha
30:coins called in research methodology : Numismatic
31:1st governor General of Pakistan : Quaid e Azsm
32: Qutb ud din founded Delhi sultanate in :1206
33:Nationalization :Z. A Bhutto
34: Fraizi movement by : Haji Shariat ullah
35: Zul norein title : Hazrat Usman
36: Hazrat Umar reign :10 years
37: K2 located : China pak
38: software used for open web pages: Browser
39: Assabiya : Ibn e khaldun
40:city state of makka founded
41:Khutbat e Ahmdiya
42: movement in Bengal
43:zardari reign
44: in battle of uhad commander in Quresh
45:Gandhara located in
46:clauses of Mesaq e madina
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