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  • The longest river in Asia is:

A. Indus (China, India, Pakistan-3,610 km)
B. Yangtze (China-6,300 km)
C. Yellow River (China-5,465 km)
D. Ganges (India, Bangladesh-2,510 km)

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  • Baglihar dam is located in Doda district of Indian occupied Kashmir on river

A. Chenab
B. Jhelum
C. Indus
D. Sutlej

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  • Attabad Lake was formed due to massive landslide, which blocked river ______ for almost six months.

A. Kurram
B. Indus
C. Hunza
D. Chenab


Also known as Gojal Lake, is a lake in Gojal Valley, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan formed in January 2010.

Length: 20.9 km (1 mile = 1.609 km)

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  • Which is the longest river of the world?

A. River Amazon (South America)
B. River Nile (Africa)
C. Yellow River (China)
D. River Indus (Asia)

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  • Panama canal connects which two oceans?

A. Atlantic & Indian
B. Indian & Pacific
C. Indian & Arabian Sea
D. Pacific & Atlantic

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  • Suez canal connects:

A. Caspian Sea to Red Sea
B. Black Sea to Red Sea
C. Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea
D. Dead Sea to Mediterranean Sea

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Suez canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, constructed by Suez Canal Company.

Construction began: 25 September 1859
Date completed: 17 November 1869
Length: 193 km or 120 miles (1 mile = 1.609 km)

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  • Diamer Bhasha Dam is being constructed in:

A. Balochistan
C. Azad Jammu & Kashmir
D. Gilgit Baltistan

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It is a concrete-filled gravity dam, on River Indus.
Construction began: 18 October 2011
Generation capacity: 4,500 (12×375) MW
Total storage capacity: 10,000,000,000 m(1m3 = 0.0008107acre-ft)

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  • The deepest ocean of the world is

A. Atlantic Ocean
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Indian Ocean
D. Arctic Ocean


The Mariana Trench or Marianas Trench, located in the western Pacific Ocean approximately 200 kilometres (124 mi) east of the Mariana Islands, is the deepest point in the world’s oceans. In 2010 the United States Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping measured the depth of the Challenger Deep at 10,994 meters (36,070 feet) below sea level with an estimated vertical accuracy of ± 40 meters.

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  • River “Rhine” flows in:

A. Russia
B. Germany
C. Thailand
D. Romania

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River Rhine flows through (1) Switzerland, (2) Liechtenstein, (3) Austria, (4) Germany, (5) France and (6) The Netherlands, then finally empties into North Sea.

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  • Sidhnai Headworks has been constructed on river:

A. Chenab
B. Ravi
C. Jhelum
D. Sutlaj

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