1. The principles and methods of instruction is known as
2. The philosophical study of being and knowing
3. To determine the value or worth of anything is?
Teaching Methods
4. The literal meaning of philosophy is?
Love of wisdom
5. Axiology in philosophy deals with?
6. Epistemology deals with?
7. Ontology deals with?
8. Ontology is also called as?
9. Metaphysics deals with the nature of?
10. Eclecticism means borrowing beliefs from?
Different philosophies
11. “Everlasting reality” is focused in?
12. Useful culture and skill is emphasized in?
13. Life is continuous changing process is the best?
14. “Reforms are necessary for all walks of life” is focused in?
15. Study of great books is at the core of?
16. Who is not among major exponent of perennials?
John dewey
`17. School should be run on democratic lines is held by?
18. According to which experimental knowledge is real?
19. Ethic and aesthetics are components of?
20. Progressivist teacher put more emphasis on?
Practical education
21. The curriculum will be child centered if teacher is?
22. Learning should be directly related to the interest of the child according to?Progressivism
23. Essentialists would get their aim of education from?
24. Essentialist philosophy of education is?
Content and teacher centered

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