Solved LDC & UDC MCQs Paper MOD 2021

Here, you will get some Solved LDC & UDC MCQs Paper MOD 2021. This test was conducted Today (26/06/2021) by Pakistan Ministry of defence for the posts of Lower division Clerk known as LDC & Upper Division Clerk which is known as UDC. As these MCQs are taken from those Aspirants who appeared in today test of MOD 2021, therefore, some errors are anticipated. Please, add more MCQs in the comment box if you have appear in MOD TEST PAPER today.

Solved LDC & UDC MCQs Paper MOD 2021

1: No. Of languages in HTML (7)

2: Table in databade must have (primary key)

3: first question on day of judgment (Namaz)

4: Ethics are set of (Moral standards)

5: Pakistan National Motto (Aiman, Etihaad, Nazam)

6: Touching black stone called (Istilam)

7: Land of Prophets (Palestine)

8: Eid prayer is (Wajib)

9: Taulipir tourist spot located in (rawalkot azad kashmir)

10: National language of azad jammu kashmir (urdu)

11: Ruins of Harapa located (Sahiwal)

12: Kashmir Districts (10)

13: Mostly (Roads) are completed in 2020 of CPEC

14: Rehman baba is poet of language (pashto)

15: Pakistan took stands for Rohingya Muslims in (Myanmar)

16: Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by (Himalayas range)

17: Real satisfaction comes from (inner)

18: Laws applied for whole world called (Universal laws)

19: Stressed to be done before namaz (rest)

20: In ethics, what is important? (Attention)

21: Graphical representation of program is called (flowchart)

22: Worksheets in excel by default (3)

23: Documents print in by default mode (portrait mode)

24: You use to create a chart (wizard)

25: PowerPoint contains ________ for creating presentations (design templates)

26: Editing text can be done efficiently by (spreadsheet)?

27: A table in data base must have (primary key)

28: Track of location of files stored in a system kept by( operating system)?

29: Runner up of PSL 5 (Lahore)

30: Mostly rice is cultivated in (Punjab)

31: Which is not multimedia among (text)

32: Computer can’t (thinking function)?

33: Unique address for a file, that is accessible on Internet (URL)

34: What generation of computer have artificial intelligence (5th)

35: Spreadsheet is grip of (rows and columns)

36: which statement is wrong about ROM (volatile)

37: National animal of Pakistan (Markhor)

38: Software available free of cost called (freeware)

39: Ministry of IT initiative program (?)

40: Senate seats (100)

41: Wah city is famous for (army preparation)

42: Aluminium composition in earth (8.1)

43: Railway federal minister (Azam Khan Swati)

44: No. Of Pakistan stock exchanges (3)

45: Picture on 1000 rupees note (Islamic college peshawar)

46: Design templates in PowerPoint?

47: MS Excel formula begins (=)

48: CPEC route from gwadar to (kashigar)

49: DG ISPR (Babar Iftikhar)

50: Article 6 (high treason)

51: Indus water treaty signed in (1960)

52: Which colour is amongst not a primary colour (black)

53: Most time zones country (France)

54: Fatal
55: Peace
56: Difficult

57: Unique
58: Compress
59: Shyness
60: Order
61: Protect
62: Significant

63: Deals (in)
64: Angry (at)
65: Zealous (for)

66 : spreadsheets are of (lotus 123 and excel)

67: commonly measured in floating-point operations per second instead of million instructions per second. (supercomputer)

68…. [You can add in the comment box below]

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