The father of various things

Here, you will find the father of various things General knowledge.

The father of various things

★Father of Biology: *Aristotle*
★Father of Physics: *Albert Einstein*
★Father of Chemistry: *Jabir Bin Hayan*
★Father of Statistics: *Ronald Fisher*
★Father of Zoology: *Aristotle*
★Father of History: *Herodotus*
★Father of Microbiology: *Louis Pasteur*
★Father of Botany: *Theophrastus*
★Father of Algebra: *Diophantus*
★Father of Blood groups: *Landsteiner*
★Father of Electricity: *Benjamin Franklin*
★Father of Trigonometry: *Hipparchus*
★Father of Geometry: *Euclid*
★Father of Modern Chemistry: *Antoine Lavoisier*
★Father of Robotics: *Nikola Tesla*
★Father of Electronics: *Ray Tomlinson*
★Father of Internet: *Vinton Cerf*
★Father of Economics: *Adam Smith*
★Father of Video game: *Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr.*
★Father of Architecture: *Imhotep*
★Father of Genetics: *Gregor Johann Mendel*
★Father of Nanotechnology: *Richard Smalley*
★Father of Robotics: *Al-Jazari*
★Father of C language: *Dennis Ritchie*
★Father of World Wide Web: *Tim Berners-Lee*
★Father of Search engine: *Alan Emtage*
★Father of Periodic table: *Dmitri Mendeleev*
★Father of Taxonomy: *Carolus Linnaeus*
★Father of Surgery (early): *Sushruta*
★Father of Mathematics: *Archimedes*
★Father of Medicine: *Hippocrates*
★Father of Homeopathy: *Samuel Hahnemann*
★Father of Law: *Cicer*

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

MCQs of General Knowledge [GK MCQs]

The section GK MCQs consists of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, Pakistan Affairs Mcqs and International Organizations.
Similarly, MCQs over Global Issues that include International Security, International Political Economy and MCQs of Human Rights etc are also here.

General Knowledge MCQ questions and answers with solutions

300+ FACTS of HUMAN BODYOld & New Names MCQs
Mountain MCQsCities on River Bank MCQs
Mountain Pass MCQsInternational Airlines MCQs
Ocean MCQsFirst, Largest, Biggest & Oldest
Sea Port MCQsDiscoveries & Inventions MCQs
Straits MCQsScientific Instruments MCQs
Island MCQsUnit of Measurement MCQs
Desert MCQsUnivers MCQs
Border Lines MCQsVarious Science MCQs
Famous Street MCQsVitamins MCQs
World Rivers MCQsPhysical Properties MCQs
National Emblem MCQsRays & Waves MCQs
Famous Epithets MCQsAdventure in Space MCQs
Newz Agencies MCQsScientists MCQs
Headquater Of world OrganizationComputer GK MCQs
Pakistan Member of world Organization MCQsGeneral Terms of Computer MCQs
Important Days MCQsComputer Shortcut Keys MCQs
Books & Their Authors MCQsPakistan Knowledge MCQs
Important Battles MCQsWorld Knowledge MCQs
Highest Military Award MCQsWorld’s Parliament MCQs
Father of Different Field MCQs 

These general knowledge questions of Old & New Names GK MCQs,Mountain GK MCQs  ,Cities on River Bank GK MCQs,Mountain Pass GK MCQs  ,International Airlines GK MCQs,Ocean GK MCQs  ,First, Largest, Biggest & Oldest,Sea Port GK MCQs  ,Discoveries & Inventions GK MCQs,Straits GK MCQs  ,Scientific Instruments GK MCQs,Island GK MCQs  ,Unit of Measurement GK MCQs,Desert GK MCQs  ,Univers GK MCQs,Border Lines GK MCQs  ,Various Science GK MCQs,Famous Street GK MCQs  ,Vitamins GK MCQs,World Rivers GK MCQs  ,Physical Properties GK MCQs,National Emblem GK MCQs  ,Rays & Waves GK MCQs,Famous Epithets GK MCQs  ,Adventure in Space GK MCQs,Newz Agencies GK MCQs  ,Scientists GK MCQs,Headquater Of world Organization  ,Computer GK GK MCQs,Pakistan Member of world Organization GK MCQs  ,General Terms of Computer GK MCQs,Important Days GK MCQs  ,Computer Shortcut Keys GK MCQs,Books & Their Authors GK MCQs  ,Pakistan Knowledge GK MCQs,Important Battles GK MCQs  ,World Knowledge GK MCQs,Highest Military Award GK MCQs  and World’s Parliament GK MCQs are very important for all type of exams conducted by FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, UTS, PTS, CTS, ATS, ETEAand other testing agencies of Pakistan.

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