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What action does Islam prohibit?

A. Tahajjud prayers
B. Monasticism
C. polygamy
D. Observing optional fasts

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Correct Answer: B (Monasticism)


Islam prohibits the practice of monasticism. Monasticism refers to the act of renouncing worldly pursuits and living a secluded, ascetic life dedicated to religious contemplation and devotion. While Islam encourages individuals to lead a pious and disciplined life, it emphasizes active participation in society and fulfilling one’s responsibilities towards family, community, and oneself. Islam promotes moderation and balance, discouraging extreme forms of austerity or complete withdrawal from worldly affairs.

Prohibition of Monasticism in Islam

Islam, as a comprehensive way of life, provides guidance on various aspects, including spiritual, social, and ethical dimensions. One particular aspect that Islam prohibits is the practice of monasticism.

Monasticism, characterized by renunciation of worldly pleasures and the pursuit of a secluded, ascetic life, has been prevalent in various religious traditions throughout history. However, Islam takes a different approach and discourages its followers from adopting a monastic lifestyle.

Islam emphasizes the concept of balance and moderation in all aspects of life. It recognizes the importance of fulfilling one’s obligations and responsibilities towards family, society, and oneself. Rather than withdrawing from the world and isolating oneself, Islam encourages active participation and engagement in social interactions and the fulfillment of worldly duties.

The prohibition of monasticism in Islam stems from the belief that spirituality and piety can be nurtured while living an engaged and productive life. Muslims are encouraged to seek closeness to Allah through acts of worship, such as prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage, while also fulfilling their responsibilities as members of society.

Islam acknowledges the value of introspection, self-discipline, and detachment from materialism. However, it emphasizes that these practices should not be pursued to the extent of neglecting familial and social obligations. Islam promotes a balanced approach to spirituality, encouraging individuals to strike a harmonious equilibrium between their spiritual and worldly pursuits.

By prohibiting monasticism, Islam affirms the importance of leading a life of purpose, actively contributing to the betterment of society, and finding spiritual fulfillment within the context of everyday existence. It teaches that true piety is not achieved by abandoning the world but by embodying the teachings of Islam and striving for excellence in all facets of life.

In conclusion, Islam prohibits the practice of monasticism, emphasizing the significance of leading a balanced and purposeful life. It encourages Muslims to find spirituality in their everyday actions and fulfill their obligations while seeking closeness to Allah. By adhering to these principles, individuals can navigate their spiritual journey while actively participating in the world around them.

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