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What is the Antonym of “FATUOUS”

A. Intelligent
B. Foolish
C. Silly
D. Stupid

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Correct Answer: A (Intelligent)


The antonym of “Fatuous” is “Intelligent.”

Option B, “Foolish,” is not the correct answer as it is a synonym of “Fatuous,” meaning having a lack of good sense or judgment.

Option C, “Silly,” is also not the correct answer as it is a synonym of “Fatuous,” indicating a lack of seriousness or wisdom.

Option D, “Stupid,” is not the correct answer as it is similar in meaning to “Fatuous,” denoting a lack of intelligence or understanding.

The correct answer is option A, “Intelligent.” “Intelligent” is the opposite of “Fatuous” as it implies having or showing intelligence, good judgment, and the ability to think critically.

Therefore, the correct antonym of “Fatuous” is “Intelligent.”

Antonym of Fatuous


In the realm of language and vocabulary, words often have antonyms, which are words that express the opposite meaning. One such word is “Fatuous.” To understand its antonym, we must delve into its definition and explore the contrasting term.

The Meaning of Fatuous

“Fatuous” is an adjective that describes someone or something as foolish, silly, or lacking intelligence. It characterizes individuals who display a lack of common sense, judgement, or critical thinking. When a person’s actions or words are fatuous, they often come across as frivolous, empty-headed, or absurd.

The Antonym: Intelligent

The antonym of “Fatuous” is “Intelligent.” The word “Intelligent” denotes individuals who possess a high level of mental capacity, sound reasoning, and cognitive abilities. Intelligent individuals are known for their wisdom, critical thinking skills, and ability to make informed decisions. They exhibit a keen understanding of complex concepts, think logically, and demonstrate intellectual prowess.

The Contrast

While “Fatuous” implies a lack of intelligence or good judgment, “Intelligent” stands as its opposite, representing individuals who display exceptional mental acuity and rationality. The contrast between these two words highlights the significant difference in cognitive abilities and intellectual capacities.


Understanding the antonym of “Fatuous” provides us with insight into the diverse spectrum of human intellect and behavior. While some individuals may exhibit fatuous tendencies, others embody intelligence and exemplify the power of critical thinking and sound judgement. By recognizing and appreciating the antonym of “Fatuous” as “Intelligent,” we gain a deeper understanding of the complexity and richness of language.

In our pursuit of effective communication, it is crucial to comprehend the nuances and contrasts between words. Expanding our vocabulary and grasping the diverse range of meanings and antonyms allows us to express ourselves more accurately and precisely. So, let us continue exploring the vast world of language, discovering the intricacies and depths of words, and expanding our linguistic repertoire.

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