Which prophet is known as khateeb ul anbiya (khateeb ul ambia)?

A. Prophet Muhammad (A.S)

B. Prophet Ayoub (A.S)

C.  Prophet Shoaib (A.S)

D. Prophet Yaqoob (A.S)

khateeb ul anbiya(ambiya) is the title of

Prophet Shoaib (A.S) is known as khateeb ul anbiya (khateeb ul ambia). He was born in Midian. Prophet Shoaib (A.S) was an ancient Midianite Nabi, sometimes identified with the Biblical Jethro. He has mentioned in the Quran a total of 11 times. Wikipedia

Q: Which prophet is known as khateeb ul anbiya or Ambiya?

Ans: Prophet Shoaib (A.S) is called khateeb ul anbiya (khateeb ul ambia). In Islam, a khateeb, khateeb or hatib (Arabic: خطيب‎ khaṭīb) is a person who delivers the sermon (khuṭbah) (literally “narration”), during the Friday prayer and Eid prayers. The khateeb is usually the imam (prayer leader), but the two roles can be played by different people. Hazrat Shoaib AS was a divine prophet from the progeny of the Ibrahim (A.S) and his mother was a daughter of Hazrat Lut (A.S).

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