Current Affairs CSS MCQs Paper 2020 Quiz

Here, you can take a quiz in the past paper of Solved CA CSS MCQs Paper 2020 Quiz.

Quiz Instructions:

  • Same as CSS Paper, there are 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to solve in 20minutes for each CSS MCQ test.
  • Every time you start the test, the question number and the answer to the questions will change randomly.
  • Practice each quiz test many times until you get a 90% score(i.e 18 MCQs correct).
  • At the End of the Test, you will see CORRECT answers and your Test Score, Percentage and Rating etc.
  • After finishing your Test you will get all the Correct answers and explanation of difficult MCQs too.
  • Please note that for this QUIZ ALL questions are taken from CSS Current Affairs 2020 CSS paper.
  • Therefore, question words and options might be different but the nature of the MCQs are maintained the same.
  • If you find any error and you sure that the given answer is or explanation is NOT correct. Comment in the box below with authentic source.

Must share your score with us if you get more than 80% Score:)


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  1. Rose

    NATO has 30 members.

    1. Farhan khan

      Yes, it has 30 members now. However, during that time it had 29 members.
      North Macedonia joined NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) on 27th Match, 2020. So, a new member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is North Macedonia. It joins NATO as 30th Ally on 27 March 2020. Thus, North Macedonia country became NATO’s newest member in 2020, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the US State Department in Washington DC.

      Source: NATO Website

      Member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

      There are 30 members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) onwards March 2020. Recently, a country named North-Macedonia has joined the NATO on 27 March 2020. Therefore, onwards NATO has 30 members now.
      More details are added here

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