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Ministry of Defence (MOD AD) Syllabus 2024: Paper Distribution and Preparation Tips

Here, you can learn about the Ministry of Defence (MOD AD) Syllabus 2024 and how its exam papers are organized based on previous MOD exams. In the past, these exams were managed by NTS, but now the MOD conducts them directly. Also, discover some helpful tips to prepare for the exam effectively and the phases that you will confront during this exam. Minister of Defense (MOD) Past PAPER can be found here

MOD Past Papers

» Ministry of Defence (MOD) 2024 Assistant Director (AD) Solved Paper MCQs

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Ministry of Defence (MOD AD) Syllabus 2024

Paper Pattern / Syllabus Analysis 200 MCQs
Sr. Subject / Topic Total Marks
1 English / Analogies 5
2 English / Comprehension 5
3 English / Synonym / Antonym 5
4 English / Corrections 5
5 English / Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Words 10
6 Analytical Reasoning 30
7 Pakistan History & Geography 30
8 Islamic Studies 15
9 General / Everyday Science 40
10 Current Affairs / General Knowledge 45
11 Ethics / Sociology / Philosophy 10
  Total Marks: 200

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How to Apply for CSS MPT 2024 Screening Test | Step by Step Registration Procedures

Watch here for all the important Step by step-by-step procedures How to Apply for CSS Screening Test 2024

CSS 2024 Screening Test Online Application Full Procedures

How to Apply for CSS Screening Test 2024

You will learn that

– How to Apply for CSS 2024
– How to Make your Profile
– How to add your education Information
– Online Application Full Procedures
– Where & How to your bank payment details
– Apply for CSS Screening Test 2024
– How to reduce your picture size which FPSC is demanding

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