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Step by Step Procedures How to Apply for CSS Screening Test 2023

Watch here all the important Step by Step Procedures that How to Apply for CSS Screening Test 2023

CSS 2023 Screening Test Online Application Full Procedures

How to Apply for CSS Screening Test 2023

You will learn that

– How to Apply for CSS 2023
– How to Make your Profile
– How to add your education Information
– Online Application Full Procedures
– Where & How to your bank payment details
– Apply for CSS Screening Test 2023
– How to reduce your picture size which FPSC is demanding

FPSC CSS 2023 Screening Test Online Application Full Procedures | How to Apply for CSS Screening Test 2023 | Online Application Full Procedure | Apply for CSS Screening Test 2023

Follow the given steps for applying to CSS Screening Test 2023 Exam:

  1. Deposit the exam fee in the nearest Govt. Treasury / State Bank of Pakistan / National Bank of Pakistan under the account head “CO2102-Organs of State Exam Fee (FPSC Receipt).
  2. First Go to Fpsc.gov.pk
  3. In the notification section, you may see of “Competitive Examination (CSS) 2023 – MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT)”
     Click on that
  4. After that, Check for “To Apply Online for MPT” Click here
  5. Sign up THERE, but make sure, you enter all the details correctly, later on these won’t change
  6. Create your profile as given Step by Step in the video below
  7. After creating your profile. Click on the “Apply for CSS
  8. Enter all your Banking Payment Details and Click on Submit.
Step by step procedures for CSS 2022 online apply
Step by step procedures for CSS 2023 online apply





It is in the interest of the applicants to study and thoroughly observe the guidelines given in this document while applying online for   CSS CE   2023 MPT. The candidates are also advised to thoroughly study “Rules for CE-2019 and onwards”, available on FPSC website.

For any query/help regarding MPT, please call on UAN 051-111-000-248 or email at [email protected]

Only for technical assistance regarding Online Application Submission for MPT, please call at 051-9223288 during office hours.


The process of online application submission has 4 stages which are as follows: –

Stage 1:           Registration of the applicant (Once)

Stage 2:           Create/Edit Profile of the applicant on the system

Stage 3:           Applying Online

Stage 4:           Printing of computer generated pre-filled form The details of each of the above stages are as follows: –

Stage 1:           Registration of the Applicant:

Each applicant is required to register himself/herself with the system once before applying. For this purpose, please take the following steps;


Open  FPSC’s   website   (fpsc.gov.pk)   Please   use   browser GOOGLE CHROME, MOZILLA FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER 8.0 or higher.


  • Follow the “Apply Online” link

Select “Competitive Examination (CSS) 2023 MPT”

Select “New User” option as displayed under

Following screen will appear

At registration screen, candidates MUST enter the following information in the relevant box. (If any information is not entered, the system will not proceed to the next stage)

a. Full Name: Candidate’s full name as per Matric certificate.
b. Login: By which a candidate would like to be registered. (Only
    Alphabets, Numbers are accepted). Pl remember your login
c. Password: Minimum of 6 characters. (Case Sensitive)
d. Confirm Password: Same as Password field
e. Email Address: active E-mail address of candidate. (Must be a valid
    sequence of emails e.g. [email protected])
f. Computerized NIC: Computerized National Identity Card No. of candidate.
    (Enter without dashes),
g. Verification Code: As displayed immediately above the box. (e.g. 66496)


Note: Please enter your CNIC, Name and Email Address very carefully as the same cannot be changed after submission. Please also ensure to remember your email address which you mentioned while registering with FPSC.

  1. Select “Submit” button and wait
  • Following message box will be displayed on successful registration
  • Select “OK”.
  1. The Login Screen as on IV will re-appear
  2. Enter your “Login” and “Password” as already chosen at the stage of registration in the relevant
  3. Select “Login” button and wait
  • Following screen will appear
  • Select “Create/Update Profile” or “My Profile” option
  • Following screen will appear
  • Select “Profile” button to create profile

Stage 2:  Creation of Profile of the applicant on the system


  • Following screen will appear
  • Against the Name and CNIC fields, prefilled non-editable entries will appear as already given by the applicant at time of
  • Enter/ Select relevant information and Select “Save” button and It is obligatory to enter information in boxes marked with an asterisk(*)
  • Following screen will appear
  • Select/Browse your photograph having maximum size of Select “Upload” option and following screen will appear.
  • Enter/Select relevant information pertaining to qualification one by one starting from the highest/qualification that makes you eligible for the “R”/”M”/”F”


entries should be selected as per instruction only against the qualification that makes you eligible. Select “Save” to save and continue adding additional qualifications till all have been entered. Every qualification that is added keeps displaying at the bottom. Any entered qualifications can be deleted or edited using appropriate options in “Action” menu, if required.


  • Select “Skip this section” option when done
  • In case of any disability and need for helper/computer, necessary options may be Otherwise, skip this section
  • When done, select “Skip this section”
  • Your profile creation process will be complete and following screen willappear
  • Select “Create/Update Profile” option
  • Following screen will appear
  • Select “Edit Profile” option to check/update your profile if so




Stage 3: Applying Online


  • When profile entries are found correct, then select “Apply for CSS” option from the Profile Menu
  • Following screen will Select “Apply” to proceed further.
  • Following screen will
  • Provide the information in the fields as: –


a. Treasury/Challan Receipt Original treasury Receipt number.(If you have not
  No: submitted your fee yet, then you can apply later
    after submitting the fee and follow the steps
    from stage 3 onwards. (You do not need to register
    or create your profile again)
b. Amount: Rs. 250/-
c. Bank and Branch Name: National Bank of Pakistan
d. Bank Branch District: Name of Bank Branch District where fee is
e. Bank Branch Code: Bank branch code where fee is deposited
f. Receipt Date: Date of deposit of fee in bank/treasury.
g. Test Centre: Select Test Centre (City) from the list, where you
    like to appear for the examination.

Note: It is obligatory to enter information in boxes marked with an asterisk(*)


  • Select the “Proceed Next” button and
  • Following screen will appear which contains complete entries of
  • Please re-check the entries as reflected in above screen before selecting “Confirm and Apply” In case any correction is required, select “Cancel” option and update your entries


Note: After selecting “Confirm and Apply” option, your   application   for CE CSS 2023 MPT will be submitted and NO CHANGE in the application will be allowed.


  • Select “Confirm and Apply” option and following screen will appear
  • Select “OK” button to complete the


Stage 4: Printing of computer generated pre-filled form

  • Select “Application History” to Print the online
  • Select “Print View” to get following online pre-filled application
  • Applicants can take printout of this application form for their own record.

Step by Step Procedure for FPSC CSS 2023 Screening Test Online Application by CSSMCQs
As FPSC has finally opened the online application for the CSS 2023 screening test.
So, Watch the full video so that you don’t make any mistakes in your application.
Here, you will get step by step Procedure for FPSC CSS 2023 Screening Test Online Application by https://cssmcqs.com/


CSS Screening Test 2023 Online Admission has Started | for MPT Advertisement click here
OR visit here

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) will hold MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT) on on 2nd October of this year 2023. It is mandatory to qualify MPT for appearing in the main written CSS Competitive Examination, 2022 for recruitment to posts in BS-17 in twelve Occupational Groups/Services of Federal Government.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC ) of Pakistan has announced the CSS 2022 MCQ BASED PRELIMINARY TEST (MPT) Screening Test for CE-2023 Today on 3rd August 2022. The last date for the online application is 22nd August 2022. However, MPT Screening Test will be conducted on 2nd October of this year 2023. All aspirants may apply online for the Preliminary MCQ Test during the period 8th August to 22nd August 2022. Online Application, Challan Form, Rules & Syllabus for CSS Competitive Examination are available on FPSC Website fpsc.gov.pk/CSS2023. The rest all the details of the CSS Screening Test 2023 are given below.
MPT is likely to be held at the following centres depending upon the availability of sufficient candidates:

ELIGIBILITY of CSS Screening Test 2023:

CLOSING DATE For CSS Screening Test 2023:

All aspirants may apply online for the Preliminary MCQ Test during the period 8th August to 22nd August 2022. The closing date for the Submission of an Online Application is 22nd August 2022.




Deposit 250/-as Exam Fee, before the closing date in the nearest Government Treasury/State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank of Pakistan under the account head “C02101-Organs of State Exam fee” (FPSC Receipt) and bring Original Challan form at Exam Center at the time of appearing in the Test. To download Challan Form, Click Here
Download computer-generated Admission Certificates from the FPSC website e. www.fpsc.gov.pk. In this regard, no intimation shall be sent through post etc.
Be informed that the examination centre once selected shall not be changed, No request in this regard shall be entertained thereafter.
Correctly enter CNIC Number & Date of Birth in the online form. Wrong entry may lead to rejection.
Strict compliance with CSS CE Rules is required and their acceptance by candidates is a pre-requisite.
FPSC has Zero tolerance against cheating and candidates are required to be fully aware of it.
Following numbers can be contacted for further information or queries if required;

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