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Dawn News Articles Summaries for CSS Exam Preparation

Get concise Dawn editorial summaries, solutions, and vocabulary meanings prepared by the Expert Team at CSSMCQs.com for your CSS exam preparation in PDF Download.

Dawn News Articles Summaries | PDF Download

Looking for a hassle-free way to stay informed about current affairs and editorial insights? We’ve got you covered!

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Discover how reading summaries of editorials and opinions from sources like the Daily Dawn News can significantly aid you in your CSS preparation:

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📝 Cultivating Critical Analysis:

Summaries of editorials and opinions distill the essence of complex arguments, enhancing your ability to dissect intricate ideas, extract core arguments, and recognize underlying themes.

📝 Efficient Time Management:

CSS aspirants often juggle multiple subjects and topics. Reading summarized editorials and opinions allows you to grasp diverse viewpoints in a fraction of the time.

📝 Diverse Perspectives:

CSS exams require a comprehensive understanding of various perspectives. Summaries expose you to a range of viewpoints on critical issues, helping you broaden your intellectual horizons.

📝 Quick Updates on Current Affairs:

Summarized editorials provide quick updates on the latest happenings, enabling you to stay informed about recent developments without delving into lengthy articles.

📝 Constructing Coherent Arguments:

The concise nature of summaries teaches you how to articulate complex ideas succinctly. This skill is invaluable when constructing well-structured and concise answers in the CSS exam.

📝 Enhancing Writing Skills:

Analyzing succinct summaries equips you with the ability to distill your thoughts into concise, coherent sentences – a skill that directly translates into writing impactful essays and answers.

📝 Practical Application in Interviews:

Summarized opinions give you a bank of well-articulated arguments that you can draw upon during interviews. This helps you participate actively in discussions, demonstrating your depth of knowledge.

📝 Retaining Key Concepts:

Summarizing editorials involves identifying the core concepts. This process reinforces your memory and understanding of crucial topics, ensuring they stay embedded in your long-term memory.

📝 Stimulating Critical Thinking:

When you engage with summarized editorials, you’re encouraged to think critically about the main points and arguments. This practice nurtures your ability to question assumptions and delve deeper into subjects.

📝 Adaptable Learning:

Summaries allow you to adapt your learning approach based on your time and goals. Whether you’re seeking a quick update or an in-depth analysis, summaries can cater to your needs.

Concluding Thoughts

In essence, in a world filled with information overload, the art of summarization becomes a potent tool for CSS aspirants, helping you master the skill of extracting the essence from voluminous content, making your preparation focused, efficient, and enriched with diverse perspectives.

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SUMMARY of the Article “World War III?” by Mahir Ali, Dawn, May 29th, 2024

The article delves into the complexities of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict and the geopolitical maneuvers surrounding it. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is actively seeking international support for a peace conference scheduled in Switzerland, hoping to involve key global leaders like Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, although Russian President Vladimir Putin is excluded. Ukraine aims to convince the Global South to abandon neutrality and pressure Russia to end its war. However, swaying China, a major ally of Russia, remains a distant goal due to China’s economic and political ties with Russia. Despite Western sanctions, Russia’s economy, bolstered by support from China and India and a robust military industry, continues to grow, undermining the impact of these sanctions. Additionally, Russian elites still obtain Western goods through intermediaries like Dubai. A peace conference excluding Russia is deemed ineffective, especially given Putin’s probable » Read More…

SUMMARY of the Article “Boiling point,” by Huma Yusuf, Dawn, May 27th, 2024

The article addresses the recurring issue of extreme heatwaves in Pakistan and their multifaceted impacts, highlighting both economic and social dimensions. While Pakistan is somewhat better prepared for heatwaves compared to 2015, with improved public awareness and emergency measures in place, the country still lacks comprehensive resilience against climate change. Economic implications are significant, as highlighted by research from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Asian Development Bank, which forecast severe reductions in global income and labor productivity due to global warming. Specifically for Pakistan, a study from Dartmouth University links temperature increases to declines in economic growth. Extreme heat exacerbates inequality, disproportionately affecting women, the poor, and marginalized groups who lack resources and access to adequate housing, energy, and healthcare. Women, in particular, face severe economic and physical challenges, with female-headed households and female farm laborers experiencing significant income and productivity losses. Heatwaves also correlate with increased gender-based violence and deteriorating mental health, with » Read More…

SUMMARY of the Article “Tightening embrace,” by Maleeha Lodhi, Dawn, May 27th, 2024

In her article, Maleeha Lodhi examines the unintended consequences of current US foreign policy, particularly its impact on China and Russia’s strategic partnership. The recent meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing underscores this dynamic, as both nations are drawn closer in response to US actions. The backdrop includes US warnings to China regarding support for Russia’s war in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Chinese companies for allegedly supplying military components to Russia. This, along with increased tariffs on Chinese imports by the Biden administration aimed at gaining favor with » Read More…

SUMMARY of the Article “Hot spells,” Dawn Editorial, May 26th, 2024

The article addresses the severe heatwave affecting Pakistan, particularly 26 districts since May 21, and warns of two additional waves in June. The current heatwave is expected to last until May 30, with temperatures rising 5°C to 6°C above normal. The subsequent heatwaves are predicted to occur from June 7-8 and again in the last week of June. This increase in frequency and intensity of heatwaves is attributed to unsustainable environmental practices, which also accelerate glacier melting and increase the risk of forest fires. In response, the government has implemented several measures, including disseminating comprehensive guidelines, issuing early warnings, and conducting public awareness campaigns to educate people on health risks and precautions. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is coordinating with provincial departments for timely responses to natural disasters. The editorial emphasizes that while these efforts are commendable, more actions are needed. Expanding green cover through aggressive reforestation, enhancing urban infrastructure to withstand extreme heat, ensuring continuous water and electricity supply, and improving disaster » Read More…

SUMMARY of [Democratic breakdown], [Mirza Moiz Baig], [Published on May 25th, 2024]

The article “Democratic breakdown” by Mirza Moiz Baig critiques the recently passed Punjab Defamation Act, 2024, as part of a series of measures that restrict free speech under the guise of combating fake news. The Act establishes tribunals with non-judicial members appointed by the executive, prioritizing adherence to statutory timelines over competence and integrity. This undermines the right to due process and fair trial, as the Act also excludes the application of the Qanoon-i-Shahadat and envisions summary proceedings. Additionally, the Act imposes financial barriers for appealing tribunal decisions and affords greater protection to constitutional office holders from defamation, creating a chilling effect on legitimate critique of government policies. The article argues that this Act symbolizes the broader democratic breakdown in Pakistan, where political forces attack each other’s legitimacy, and institutions fail to adhere to their jurisdictional » Read More…

SUMMARY of the [IMF’s Unease], [Editorial], [Published on May 24th, 2024]

The initial discussions between Pakistan and the IMF regarding a new, larger, and longer financial programme have concluded without a formal staff-level agreement. This is primarily because the IMF requires parliamentary approval for the proposed reform measures and policy actions due to the country’s unpredictable political climate. The IMF has previously noted the significant risks posed by Pakistan’s political instability and social tensions, which could hinder economic stabilization efforts.

Despite these concerns, the IMF has shown confidence in the current political administration, believing that the continuity of the ruling coalition after elections would ensure the persistence of the agreed reform agenda. This optimism stems from the coalition’s track record of implementing committed actions under previous IMF programmes, despite the political costs involved. » Read More…

SUMMARY of the [Energy inflation], [Editorial], [Published on May 23rd, 2024]

On Tuesday, the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) reduced the average gas prices for SNGPL by 10% and SSGC by 4%, based on the revenue needs of these public utilities for the next fiscal year. For SNGPL, this translates to a reduction of Rs179.17 per mmBtu, and for SSGC, Rs59.23 per mmBtu. However, SNGPL customers won’t benefit from this reduction because the government plans to recover Rs581 billion in tariff differentials not charged over the past six years. This decision may lead to a gas price increase of up to 87% for SNGPL customers next year. The

» Read More…