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Dawn News Articles Summaries for CSS Exam Preparation

Get concise Dawn editorial summaries, solutions, and vocabulary meanings prepared by the Expert Team at CSSMCQs.com for your CSS exam preparation in PDF Download.

Dawn News Articles Summaries | PDF Download

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Discover how reading summaries of editorials and opinions from sources like the Daily Dawn News can significantly aid you in your CSS preparation:

Show: Why Reading Summaries are so necessary for CSS & PMS Aspirants?

📝 Cultivating Critical Analysis:

Summaries of editorials and opinions distill the essence of complex arguments, enhancing your ability to dissect intricate ideas, extract core arguments, and recognize underlying themes.

📝 Efficient Time Management:

CSS aspirants often juggle multiple subjects and topics. Reading summarized editorials and opinions allows you to grasp diverse viewpoints in a fraction of the time.

📝 Diverse Perspectives:

CSS exams require a comprehensive understanding of various perspectives. Summaries expose you to a range of viewpoints on critical issues, helping you broaden your intellectual horizons.

📝 Quick Updates on Current Affairs:

Summarized editorials provide quick updates on the latest happenings, enabling you to stay informed about recent developments without delving into lengthy articles.

📝 Constructing Coherent Arguments:

The concise nature of summaries teaches you how to articulate complex ideas succinctly. This skill is invaluable when constructing well-structured and concise answers in the CSS exam.

📝 Enhancing Writing Skills:

Analyzing succinct summaries equips you with the ability to distill your thoughts into concise, coherent sentences – a skill that directly translates into writing impactful essays and answers.

📝 Practical Application in Interviews:

Summarized opinions give you a bank of well-articulated arguments that you can draw upon during interviews. This helps you participate actively in discussions, demonstrating your depth of knowledge.

📝 Retaining Key Concepts:

Summarizing editorials involves identifying the core concepts. This process reinforces your memory and understanding of crucial topics, ensuring they stay embedded in your long-term memory.

📝 Stimulating Critical Thinking:

When you engage with summarized editorials, you’re encouraged to think critically about the main points and arguments. This practice nurtures your ability to question assumptions and delve deeper into subjects.

📝 Adaptable Learning:

Summaries allow you to adapt your learning approach based on your time and goals. Whether you’re seeking a quick update or an in-depth analysis, summaries can cater to your needs.

Concluding Thoughts

In essence, in a world filled with information overload, the art of summarization becomes a potent tool for CSS aspirants, helping you master the skill of extracting the essence from voluminous content, making your preparation focused, efficient, and enriched with diverse perspectives.

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SUMMARY of the article “US & South Asia” by Touqir Hussain, published on November 30, 2023

Pakistan’s foreign policy is anchored in its strategic ties with China, which are vital. However, Pakistan also seeks amicable relations with Washington, and concerns persist about the US-China rivalry potentially limiting Pakistan’s associations with either nation. The recent Biden-Xi meeting at the APEC summit may alleviate some apprehensions, as the US seems more focused on curbing China’s military and technological advancements than its economic growth. Global geopolitics is witnessing a broader competition, with many countries aligning with both the US and China to maximize their global engagement. Despite these opportunities, Pakistan lacks the strategy and capacity to benefit fully. Public sentiments toward China are generally positive, while reservations persist against the US. Pakistan acknowledges the risks of overdependence on China and recognizes the necessity of a working relationship with the US, a crucial export destination, foreign investor, and stakeholder in South Asian stability. However, public reservations against the US persist due to historical complexities, » Read More…

SUMMARY of the article “Finding $20 billion annually,” by Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, published on November 30, 2023

As Pakistan actively participates in the climate summit, aiming to showcase its efforts toward climate resilience, the country faces a substantial financial challenge. Despite being a victim of climate change, Pakistan acknowledges the limitations of global climate finance windows to meet its burgeoning needs, estimated at $20 billion annually. Policymakers emphasize a preference for grants and concessional lending but recognize the inadequacy for immediate fiscal requirements. Learning from past experiences, Pakistan is urged to consider domestic resource mobilization, aligning climate considerations with ongoing and future projects. Climate economists argue that increased investment in climate adaptation can expand the fiscal space needed for economic growth. Recognizing the urgent need for reform, the focus should extend beyond macroeconomic stability, addressing issues like functional duplications, stranded assets, and carbon taxes. Water, integral to climate change adaptation, requires essential reforms, including water pricing and taxes on agricultural income. The article proposes partnerships at COP28 to » Read More…

SUMMARY of the article “Climate crossroads,” Editorial, published on November 29, 2023

The upcoming COP28 in the UAE marks a crucial moment for Pakistan, one of the countries most susceptible to climate change, to present its case. Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, accompanied by Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and Minister for Climate Change Ahmed Irfan Aslam, will advocate for the implementation of the Loss and Damage fund. This fund, established last year based on Pakistan’s successful argument that the impacts within the country have global repercussions, is pivotal for climate-vulnerable nations. The PM will also call on developed countries to fulfill their overdue commitment of $100 billion annually as climate finance for developing nations. Having endured the severe consequences of climate-induced disasters, including last year’s devastating floods affecting 33 million people, Pakistan emphasizes the disproportionate impact on developing nations despite their minimal contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) is a comprehensive strategy aimed at mitigating these impacts, but the financial gap is substantial, with the World Bank estimating that Pakistan needs $348 billion by 2030 to maintain resilience. The article highlights the need for a radical » Read More…

 SUMMARY of the article “Climate resilience,” Editorial, published on November 28, 2023

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised Pakistan to utilize its resources more effectively and efficiently to build climate-resilient infrastructure, emphasizing the need to strengthen the country’s capacity to attract climate finance. Pakistan, being highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, seeks international support to achieve its climate finance targets. The IMF suggests that formulating robust public investment policies aligned with national climate adaptation and mitigation goals is crucial. The Fund envisions the next budget as a “turning point” for planning mechanisms and investment portfolios focused on climate adaptation. Currently, Pakistan faces challenges with low capital stock and the efficiency of public investment. The IMF calls for enhanced transparency regarding climate-related actions in » Read More…

SUMMARY of the article “US-China thaw?” by Maleeha Lodhi, published on November 27, 2023

Against the backdrop of Israel’s conflict with Gaza, the meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping during the Asia Pacific Economic (APEC) forum in San Francisco marked a notable improvement in the strained relations between the US and China. Preceded by diplomatic visits, the summit aimed to stabilize ties that had reached an all-time low. While no significant breakthroughs were expected or achieved, the tone of the relationship improved, with both leaders expressing the need for stable competition. Three areas of agreement emerged: the restoration of high-level military communication, the establishment of a presidential hotline, and cooperation to restrict fentanyl production. The resumption of military relations, especially given the situation in the South China Sea, is crucial for reducing the risk of miscalculation. However, major differences persist over Taiwan, trade, technology, and military postures. The summit, while representing a tentative thaw, highlights the » Read More…

SUMMARY of the article “Climate adaptation,” by Ajaz Ahmed, published on November 27, 2023

The article underscores the critical challenge posed by climate change to global societies, particularly the vulnerability of developing nations lacking preparedness for climate-induced natural disasters. Tackling these challenges necessitates transformative rather than incremental action, demanding both adequate resources and technical expertise to enhance resilience. The adaptation gap, defined as the difference between the needed resources and the efforts taken to bolster societal resilience, is notably wide, amounting to an annual shortfall of $194 billion to $366 billion. The recent United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report reveals a widening gap, emphasizing the urgency to address climate adaptation effectively. In developing countries like Pakistan, the adaptation gap is more severe due to limited capacity, inadequate climate finance mobilization, and insufficient allocation of resources for adaptation planning and implementation at the local level. The article proposes a three-fold approach for Pakistan: enhancing technical and institutional capacity, mobilizing resources from diverse » Read More…