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Criminology MCQs by CSSMCQs

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_CSS Criminology MCQs_

Criminology MCQs

Here, you may find CSS Criminology MCQs. If you want to prepare MCQs for Criminology of CSS Exam then you are in the right place. You can Criminology Multiple Choice Questions here because CSSMCQs platform is here to serve you while preparing your CSS Exam MCQs portion section-A. Please practice this CSS criminological MCQ on a daily basis.


Money laundering is described as:

A. only required for drug money.
B. an activity aimed at making illegally obtained finds appear legitimate.
C. required for both illegally and legally obtained funds.
D. None of the above.

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Criminologists are primarily interested in the study of terrorism because:

A. it is at the hub of many other forms of criminality.
B. large numbers of people die.
C. it is a foreign-based crime.
D. most people do not understand its motivation.

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Which of the following is a misconception about the study of crime?

A. criminologists utilize a broad scientific perspective
B. criminology studies street crime, corporate, and global crimes
C. crime is a local matter
D. criminology includes the study of crime, penal codes, and deviance

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Which of the following phrases does not define criminology?

A. it is a scientific study of making laws and the breaking of laws
B. it is a subjective view of why crime occurs
C. it is society’s reaction to the breaking of law
D. it adopts methods of study from all the social and behavioral sciences

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