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The idioms and expressions below are some of the most common in English and equally important for CSS, PMS and all Competitive Exams. Here,  some common and important idioms with meaning and examples are given. The example sentences show how idioms are used in context are also given here.

What does the phrase “Your guess is as good as mine” imply?
Your ability to guess has improved over time
We should participate in a guessing game together
You’ve copied my answer, so our guesses are identical
I’m as uncertain about it as you are
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Correct Answer: D (I’m as uncertain about it as you are)
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What is meant by the idiom “Scrape the barrel”?
To clean the inside of a barrel
To play a musical instrument
To gather wood shavings from a barrel
To use the lastof resources due to scarcity
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Correct Answer: (To use the last or the worst of resources due to scarcity)
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What is meant by the idiom “Throw in the towel”?
To clean up a spill
To begin a towel fight
To toss a towel into a laundry hamper
To admit defeat or give up
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Correct Answer: D (To admit defeat or give up)
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What is meant by the idiom “Bite the bullet”?
To actually bite on a bullet
To eat a meal quickly
To purchase ammunition
To face a difficult situation with courage
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Correct Answer: (To face a difficult situation with courage)
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What is meant by the idiom “Run around in circles”?
Training for a marathon
Engaging in a game of tag
Making no progress despite being busy
Exercising in a circular track
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Correct Answer: C (Making no progress despite being busy)
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