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The idioms and expressions below are some of the most common in English and equally important for CSS, PMS and all Competitive Exams. Here,  some common and important idioms with meaning and examples are given. The example sentences show how idioms are used in context are also given here.

What does the idiom “To have a bone to pick with someone” mean? (CSS MPT 2024)
To have a dispute or unresolved issue to address with someone
To enjoy a hearty bone-based meal with someone
To support archaeological excavations
To engage in a competitive bone-collecting hobby
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Correct Answer: (To have a dispute or unresolved issue to address with someone)
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What does the idiom “To put a spoke in one’s wheel” mean? (CSS MPT 2024)
To obstruct or hinder someone’s plans
To assist someone in their endeavors
To repair a broken wheel
To engage in a friendly race
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Correct Answer: (To obstruct or hinder someone’s plans)
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What does the idiom “To read the riot act” mean? (CSS MPT 2024)
To deliver a stern warning or reprimand
To review a book about a riot
To threaten someone with legal action
To organize a protest or demonstration
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Correct Answer: (To deliver a stern warning or reprimand)
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What does the idiom “To ride roughshod over” mean? (CSS MPT 2024)
To dominate or treat someone harshly without consideration
To have a bumpy ride
To treat someone with kindness and respect
To take a leisurely horseback ride
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Correct Answer: (To dominate or treat someone harshly without consideration)
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“To cast in the teeth” means: (CSS MPT 2024)
To criticize or reproach someone
To confront someone openly
To compliment someone sincerely
To share a secret with someone
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Correct Answer: (To criticize or reproach someone)
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“To have a chip on one’s shoulder” means: (CSS MPT 2024)
To be angry or resentful
To carry a piece of wood
To be physically strong
To have a big ego
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Correct Answer: (To be angry or resentful)
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