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Developmental psychologists believe that two factors that influence human development are:
A. Motivation and emotion
B. Self and others
C. Genetic makes up and experience
D. Rewards and punishments (more…)

Studies of crowding have found that crowding:

A. Depends only on physical density
B. Affects mainly females
C. Can intensify feelings
D. Has negative effects only among the elderly (more…)

A study of gastric ulceration in response to stress produced by shock found that the most ulceration was shown by rates who:
a) Only heard a tone but received no shock
b) Received varying levels of shock
c) Could predict the onset of shock
d) Could not predict the onset of shock


A person behavior is usually attributed to external causes when all but one of the following conditions exist:
A.  Others act in the same way
B. The person acts the same way at other times
C. The person acts differently in other situations
D. The person seems aware of the environment (more…)

The notion that aggression can be reduced by allowing angry individuals to engage harmless activities that allow them to “blow off self esteem” is:
A. Frustration-aggression hypothesis
B. Displacement hypothesis
C. Sublimation hypothesis
D. Catharsis hypothesis

Research on the role of reinforcement in insight therapy has found that:

A. It does not play a role
B. It does play a role
C. It has an effect only on dependent patients
D. It plays a role in highly structured therapy situation


How can morality covertly enter the therapy session?

A. By having ministers take over the role of therapist
B. By the use of techniques to alter a sexual preference
C. By allowing an insane person into therapy
D. By allowing philosophers of ethics to become therapists