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Css Sindhi Solved Mcqs Paper 2010

Here, you will Css Sindhi Solved Mcqs Paper 2010. These are the objective i.e MCQs part of Css Sindhi Solved aper 2010.


A.  Haith dinal jawaban maa sahih jawab choonde likho.

1. Jadehn maa na hoondas_______. jo majmoo’o aahe.

A. Shairi B. Ghazl C. Afsaanan

2. Raghoon thiyoon rabaB_______ ji shairi jo majmoo’o aahe.

A. Altaf abbasi B.Tanveer abbasi C. Najam abbasi

3.  Dithoon_______. adab ji sinf aahe.

A. jadeed B. lok C. yoonani

4.  choudihein chand aakash_______ ji shairi jo majmoo’o aahe.

A. Sehr Imdad B. Fehmida Hussain C. Imdad Hussain

5.  Drame aie Novel mei fanni farq .

A. Aahe B. Konhe C.khabr nahe.

6.  Uhe deinh uhe Sheehn jo lekhak_______ aahe.

A. Pir Ali Muhammad rashidi B. Pir Hisaam u din rashid C. Mehtab rashidi

7. Ghazal sindhi adab mei_______ boli maa aayo.

A. Arabi B. Angrezee C. Farsi

8.  Aouraah novel_______  jo takhleeq kayal aahe.   

A. Ghulam nabi mughal B. Kazi Khadim C. Amar Jaleel

9.  Angraizan je dour mei Sindhi_______ Ghanee taraqi kayee.

A. Nazam B. Nasar C. lok adab

10.  Talpuran je dour khaa aag mei Sindh mei_______. jo dour ho.

A. Arghoonan B. Turkhanan C. Kalhoran

B.  Sahih ya Ghalat jawab ji choond kayo.

1.  Biloo Dada Jamal abro jo likhyal afsano aahe.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

2.  Dr. Ghulam ali alaana boli jo maahir aahe.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

3.  Mir Abdul Hussain sangi meeran je dour mei shairi kayee.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

4.  ” Hum Auost” Agha Saleem jo likhyal novel aahe.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

5.” Chaar muqala” mei shairi jee sinfan te muqala likhya waya aahin.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

6.  Dour nasri sinf aahe.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

7.  Abdul karim ghadai awami shair ho.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

8.  Misri Shah khe kafi jo badshah kothio wanje tho.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

9.  Shams-u-din Bulbul sabh kha pehrein tanz aie mazah khe sindhi shairi mei aando.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

10.  Mirza Qaleech Baig 1929 mei guzaare wayo.

A. Sahih B. Ghalat

Css Sindhi Solved Mcqs Paper 2010

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