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 NTS Simple Test For the post of PST

Total Mcqs 100

Here, you will find NTS Simple Test For the post of PST for upcoming NTS Tests of different cadres. Solve this simple test MCQs in the comment box below. Our team will check your answers once you attempt the test. Good Luck!

NTS Simple Test For the post of PST


1. Earth lies between :
A. Mars and Venus
B. Mercury and Mars
C. Jupiter and Saturn

D. Uranus and Neptune

2. Which of the following is the characteristic of solids?
A. Indefinite shape
B. Flowing easily
C. Closely packed molecules

D. Indefinite volume

3. Machines are lubricated in order to overcome
A. Frictional force
B. Gravitational force
C. Magnetic force

D. Electric force

4. All of the following are electromagnetic devices EXCEPT :
A. Doorbell
B. Wall Clock
C. Generator

D. Loudspeaker

5. Which one of the following is luminous :
A. Earth
B. Mars
C. Sun

D. Moon

6. Which one of the following processes reduces the impact of non-degradable material?
A. Recycling
B. Burning
C. Burying

D. Breaking

7. If machines are lubricated regularly they
A. Consume more energy
B. Produce more noise
C. Consume less energy

D. Are heated up easily

8. All of the following is an example of microorganisms EXCEPT :
A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. Fungi

D. Plants

9. In the foggy morning, drivers limit their driving speed because of
A. Extreme coldness
B. Poor visibility
C. Much tiredness

D. More humidity

10. The doctor diagnosed malaria in a patient and advised him/her to avoid the place where there is
A. Air pollution
B. Land pollution
C. Water pollution

D. No pollution

11. Water droplets are formed on the outer surface of the glass of cold water due to
A. Evaporation
B. Condensation
C. Freezing

D. Sublimation

12. Truck is loaded with heavy objects with less effort by using
A. Inclined plane
B. Pulley
C. Lever

D. Wedge

13. Which of the following animal has no backbone?
A. Parrot
B. Snake
C. Bat

D. Scorpion

14. Falling of fruits from the tree onto the ground is due to
A. Magnetic force
B. Inertia
C. Air resistance
D. None of these

15. Which of the following parts of a seed stores food ?
A. Plumule
B. Radical
C. Seed coat
D. Cotyledon

16. While water is changing into ice the movement of molecules
A. Becomes fast
B. Becomes slow
C. Becomes moderate
D. Is not affected

17. If we see roughly three quarter of the moon’s surface , it is called
A. Crescent moon
B. Waning moon
C. Gibbous moon
D. Waxing moon

18. Lungs diseases are mostly caused by
A. Air pollution
B. Water pollution
C. Land pollution
D. Noise pollution

19. Which of the following is a vertebrate ?
A. Spider
B. Snail
C. Scorpion
D. Snake

20. Water runs slowly through
A. Silt
B. Sand
C. Clay
D. Loam